RTI Sports GmbH

Narrative Development

What’s our story in a digital world?

RP Media Service GmbH

RP Forum Private Banking

What if banking was just over? What´s next?

Cheil Germany GmbH for VR-NetWorld GmbH

Experience Expedition Seoul

Are there other sources than Silicon Valley?

Bettr Real Estate AG

Company Building

What is a next generation real estate developer?

Volksbank Mittweida

Cybersecurity Workshop

How to raise awareness for a B2B service?

RP Media Service GmbH

General Product Overhaul

What´s the future of our special supplements on paper?

Orsus Property GmbH


What if real estate became plastered software?

ewi – Institute of Energy Economics at the university of Cologne

Thought Leadership Format

How do we transform a traditional conference into a modern version?

Technische Werke Ludwigshafen

Rapid Prototyping Workshop

What’s our story in a digital world?

VR Networld

Artist in Residency

Can artistic approaches help with intercultural communication?

Volksbank Mittweida

Experience Expedition Malmö 2018

How do we foster innovation culture in a region?

Orsus Property GmbH

Experience Expedition Hamburg

How will we interact with real estate tomorrow?

Deloitte GmbH

CFO Forum Talk

What is the greater context to “digitization”?