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Narrative Development

What’s our story in a digital world?

RP Media Service GmbH

RP Forum Private Banking

What does the future of newspaper special supplements look like?

Cheil Germany GmbH for VR-NetWorld GmbH

Experience Expedition Seoul

Are there other sources than Silicon Valley?

Bettr Real Estate AG

Company Building

What is a next generation real estate developer?

RP Media Service GmbH

General Product Overhaul

What´s the future of our special supplements on paper?

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What if real estate became plastered software?

VR Networld

Artist in Residency

Can artistic approaches help with intercultural communication?

Volksbank Mittweida

Experience Expedition Malmö 2018

How do we foster innovation culture in a region?

Orsus Property GmbH

Experience Expedition Hamburg

How will we interact with real estate tomorrow?

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CFO Forum Talk

What is the greater context to “digitization”?