Advisory Board



Anne-Katrin Ahrens

Artist & Designer, Berlin

Anne-Katrin Ahrens is an experienced designer and artist with her own studio in Berlin. In over 10 years of practice, Anne-Katrin has developed an eagle-eyed love of detail, especially in typography across all media. She regularly teaches at the design department of the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and is invited to participate in international exhibition projects.

Anne-Katrin is also a remarkable observer of street trends and seemingly invisible behavior patterns in workshops with business clients. With her knowledge she creates crystal clear visual languages of change. She is frequently consulted by major artists and publishers for her excellence in concept and execution.

Rudolf Hilti

Serial Entrepreneur, Vaduz

Rudolf “Rudi” Hilti is an entrepreneur and visionary from the Principality of Liechtenstein, a German-speaking microstate in Central Europe. Rudi considers himself a global citizen, a responsible optimist and a change maker who invests his financial and emotional resources exclusively in passion projects that help to truly make the world a better place. He is very much in love with interior design, fashion and spending time with friends around the world.

Ludmilla Intravia

Journalist, Paris

After 28 years as a lifestyle journalist in Belgium and France, Ludmilla now specializes in fashion & beauty tech and in 2014 founded Le Boudoir Numérique – a magazine that decodes the impact of technology, innovation and digital on fashion and beauty. Her goals? To explore the solutions that technology, innovation and digital bring in solving the problems caused by the fashion and beauty industry, especially in terms of the environment as well as the history of fashion and beauty technology as it is written day by day according to its various economic, social, cultural, artistic, ethical, etc. facets are written. Ludmilla is a round table moderator and lecturer on fashion and beauty tech.

Dr.Daniel Knapp

Technology & Data Strategist, London

Dr Daniel Knapp is an advertising, media and data expert with more than 15 years of international experience. He has served in leadership roles spanning market analysis, strategic advisory, and business intelligence. Currently, he serves Chief Economist at IAB Europe, and a partner at Redefine Digital, a data science consultancy that develops tools for media and advertising businesses to get insights from information and data.  Daniel as worked with leading publishers and Fortune 500 brands to reverse-engineer complex data flows and enable companies gain a competitive edge in media, advertising and other industries. He advises international companies on data strategies and helps regulators understand how companies process data and build data-driven products. He also helps clients ideate and implement AI solutions and explores new application areas and data partnerships. Daniel is a board member at the Institute of European Media Law and Senior Fellow at Euractiv, a think tank. Previously, Daniel was associated expert on media and AI at the European Commission for Vice President Ansip’s Cabinet and co-founded programmatic advertising agency Twins Digital in Düsseldorf. He spent 11 years at IHS Markit, latterly as Executive Director in the Telecoms, Media and Technology practice. Before this, he worked in media policy in Germany. His dissertation at the London School of Economics explored the datafication of business and society. He is regularly quoted in the press such as BBC, New York Times and CNBC.

Pia-Angela Kemper

Head and initiator in the media industry, Düsseldorf  

Pia Kemper (born 1958) has worked for the Rheinische Post since 1994, today as head of the departments for financial and business extras, future medicine and socially relevant topics. The media channels of Rheinische Post reach millions of readers and users. In 2012, Pia founded the RP Forum, the industry meeting for advertising customers of the Rheinische Post, as a platform for a lively exchange of experiences. This was now followed in 2022 by the “Fortschrittwerkstatt”. With this new format, the RP Forum is responding to the challenges of the times. Experts from various disciplines work together with representatives from politics and society to find practical solutions in the here and now, to tackle ideas with courage, and to realize strong visions together. The RP Forum provides an important interface to society.

In addition, as Managing Partner, Pia is involved in the charity campaign “EDITION 12 ̅21”, which aims to draw attention to the problem of the increasing risk of dementia and to make an active contribution to improving the quality of life of those affected. EDITION 12 ̅21 was able to win over 21 contemporary artists to donate their artwork for the good cause.

As a partner for many years, Pia is an integral part of our gannaca Family and has been part of the advisory board of our think tank since July 2022.

Dr. Christian Schlicht

Industrial Engineer, Frankfurt

Dr. Christian Schlicht has been President of CoreNet Global (CNG) in Central Europe since April 2021. The industrial engineer with an eye for complex commercial real estate brings more than 15 years of experience and acts as CEO and founder of REGUL.AI. Previously, after studying in London and Louisville, he spent almost eleven years at tool retailer Würth, where he was responsible for real estate management, and most recently as Director for Center Management and Facility Management at ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, one of the largest real estate developers in Germany. His successful use of distributed ledger technology in the real estate industry earned him the ZIA (Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss Deutschland) Innovation Award, among others.

Katharina Aguilar

Entrepreneur, Stuttgart

Katharina Aguilar is co-founder of the innovation company 7places. 7places have made it their mission to reinvent our living spaces. With inspiration, technology and emotion, Katharina and her team create spaces such as exhibitions, restaurants, public places, offices and stores. Additionally, she is developing the 7places app, which uses artificial intelligence to reinvent finding inspiring places in our free time. Katharina followed her passion for space and innovation after nearly a decade in innovation fields in the automotive industry.