Lectures and Moderation

Today’s decision-makers have to learn for their whole lives. Subject-specific lectures are a way of integrating knowledge transfer into daily routines conveniently. We offer two types of lectures covering the fields of data strategies, 21st century leadership, and innovation culture:


+ External Thought Leader Lectures 

+ Internal Knowledge Transfer


Our founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Christopher Peterka delivers high-level lectures. He has given talks and lectures for more than 15 years to hundreds of organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Please send us your request or take a look at his trending topics here.


You produce a conference, trade exhibition, panel, or show to foster your business and need a serious, well reputed moderator? We’re here to support you with our carefully selected team of moderators from subtle, elegant and smart journalists to straight-forward, canny business guys. Please drop us a line to express your interest here.

Experience Expeditions

An Experience Expedition is a special gannaca format in which the change of perspective for each and every participant is the focus. The successful transformation of existing structures of the “old economy” into new forms of the Digital Modern requires this shift in vision. By combining our matured global network of change makers and thought leaders with our very own programming method we successfully manage to reestablish the connection between brain, heart, and guts for participants. Therefore we travel, learn, and transfer so you come home with a clear idea of what it is you’ve got to do to change and become economically successful. We offer (virtual) experience expeditions for both groups and individuals. Please let us know what your specific innovation interest is and we’ll suggest a destination for you.

Conference Design & Program Direction

You’re comfortable with your core business. Now you’re going for a new market or are simply interested in getting a professional, external opinion on your innovative idea? We assess it quickly, to the point, and based on cutting-edge expertise.

Innovation and change needs the participation of the people on whom you rely to make things happen. This is where the art of design comes into play. Because without a professional, desirable design, all communication is wasted (aka nothing). If your change or innovation project is no fun – it’s basically dead before you have even begun to activate it. So, may we encourage you to make things attractive, even “sexy”? Please. We support you with:


+ Ideation
+ Art Direction
+ Creative Direction


The interdisciplinary discussion of trend & innovation topics in conference formats is becoming increasingly important for many companies and organizations. We not only attend the most important innovation conferences globally, but also support you in producing your own.

Workshops & Labs

Short, intensive and productive work formats have been becoming increasingly popular for years in order to also realize the new paradigms of user orientation, agility and flexibility. As outsiders, we can be more effective than many internal departments.


For a decent amount of time and – much more importantly – with intense practical experience we have specialised in change and innovation culture across industries, cultures, and generations. So, once you think you should get some seriously senior expertise aboard for your project, we’re happy to look into your request.

Commissioned Studies & Match Making

You’re comfortable with your core business. Now you’re going for a new market or are simply interested in getting a professional, external opinion on your innovative idea? We assess it quickly, to the point, and based on cutting-edge expertise. Once you’ve decided on going forward with a specific strategy you need to be sure you’re basing your assumptions on relevant and accurate facts. We support your decision making with a very thorough examination of the given facts, involved personnel, and external drivers of change identified using our tools and methods tailored for your specific endeavour.


Since the first day, we’ve placed special emphasis on our network of high potential thought leaders, change makers, and multiplicators. Once you’ve comprehensibly explained your specific interest to us, there’s a high likelihood that we have some very capable human beings for you who you should get to know to foster your interest. We do this based on trust and high moral standards, so you might hear us answer “no” as well if we feel we shouldn’t act. But please: try us. The people we like to match with you typically are of the following kind (globally):


+ Innovation Thought Leaders
+ Change Makers
+ Strategic Investors
+ Substantial Entrepreneurs

Coaching & Sparring

The demands on a single manager have increased significantly today. Many are doing at least two or three jobs at the same time. Delivering excellence therefore requires coaching and sparring to leave one’s own filter bubble and continually improve the validity of one’s own results.


+ Virtual Leadership

+ Digital Humanism

+ Startup business development & culture