Exploration was established in 2007 and has been described as a pioneer of biomimicry. Biomimicry is a rapidly emerging discipline that learns from the remarkable catalogue of solutions to be found in biology – all of which have been refined by 3.8 billion years of evolution. Exploration´s work has been published in Wired, Icon, The Guardian, The Economist and National Geographic and featured on numerous television and radio programmes. We feel honoured to closely collaborate since 2011 already.

JASPER ARCHITECTS is an international architecture firm that operates in all phases of the service. With branches in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Vienna, Quito, Panama City and Prague, the office offers individual solutions for public and private clients. Design and execution planning, project development and management as well as construction management are handled.

We are proud partners of JASPER ARCHITECTS with years long-standing ties and joint project experience from Buenos Aires over Helsinki to Berlin.

Media Evolution is a non-profit members’ organization that brings together the innovative tech agencies, the creatives, the big corps, the makers, the academy, the strategists and the local municipalities and regions of southern Sweden. Our mission is to foster growth and innovation in the digital/creative industries of southern Sweden and we do so by offering a platform with plenty of formats for sharing ideas, develop competencies and for innovation processes.

Media Evolution City is a co-working space housing nearly 100 companies and 500 humans from across the digital industries. It’s located in a beautiful old shipyard in Malmö, Sweden, that in recent years has been converted into a top modern co-working space, designed for openness, meetings and function. For humans really.

PRO energy consult based in Cologne, Germany, specializes in practical management consulting for companies in the energy industry. The cooperation of the consultants of PRO energy consult with business partners – like the working atmosphere throughout the company – is characterized by the guiding idea of “trust and respect”. They combine experience with openness and purposefully and transparently design the necessary steps for their customers.

For a couple of years, we gladly contribute to that success through a close partnership that usually brings us directly to the forefront of innovation in the energy industry.

The Conference has attracted international attention for being one of the most thought-provoking and well-designed conferences on digitalization, society and business in Europe. During two days 25 speakers and 1500 participants join in Malmö, Sweden, to explore complexity in the digital world through the lenses of human behavior, new technology and how to make things happen.

thehuman.AI is a London based technology company that puts organization´s strategies to due diligence based on case-specifically selected market and tech data signals run on AI. Focused on the private wealth market thehuman.AI serves as an innovation compass and asset allocation advisory tool.

Being one of our newest partnerships we couldn´t be happier to be hooked up with thehuman.AI for access to the lastest insight in data analytics and AI technology.

THE Est. is a think tank to explore the transformation of the old economy into the Digital Modern era based in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein. It critically convoys decision makers on their way to the necessary shift in perspective and world-view supporting the digital transformation towards an economically as well as ecologically sustainable present and future.

As our founder and Chief Inspiration Officer Christopher Peterka has co-founded THE alongside Rudi Hilti from Liechtenstein,THE almost feels like sibling to us.