“Thanks for the thought provoking input”

Prof. Dr. Birgit Mager, President


Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG

“gannaca has deep insight into the NextGen culture and market demands”

Daniel Sauerzapf, Management Private Clients


fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG

“Creative and practical advice that we immediately transferred – great support”

Wolfgang Pott, Head of Corporate Communications


AURETAS family trust GmbH

“gannaca assessment of our digital maturity level leaves me very thoughtful. I now see many levers more than before”

Randolph Kempcke, Managing Partner



“This really is visionary thinking – without the box”

Youssef Nassef, Climate Adaption Director


Steinbeis School of International Business and Entrepreneurship

“gannaca has an impressive track record in understanding the digital transformation”




“gannaca sees the big picture – and supports practical, sustainable solutions”

Kai Landwehr, Marketing Manager


Dialog Medien & Emmaus Reisen GmbH

“Top-nodge knowledge on future media developments”

Stefanie Kemper, Managing Director


Tinseltown Music Production GmbH

“Without gannaca we would not be as successful as we are today”

Henrik Kersen, Managing Partner


Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG

“gannaca delivers consequently from vision to concept to execution”

Andreas Wolf, Head of Business Development


VR Networld GmbH

“Pricey – and worth every penny”

Helmut Gawlik, CEO


Wayland Group Inc.

“gannaca brings out qualities in leaders that I have seen no one else identify”

Ben Ward, CEO


Pinsent Masons Germany LLP

“Thanks to gannaca, we now understand the true power of data-driveness”

Dr. Thorsten Volz, Managing Partner


NRW Forum Düsseldorf GmbH

“gannaca is a strategic advisory that genuinely understands the power of art”

Alain Bieber, Artistic Director


Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG

“gannaca delivers actionable insight instead of marketing buzzword bingo”

Dr. Hans-Heinrich Kleuker, CEO


Volksbank Mittweida eG

“At gannaca outstanding vision goes hand in hand with measurable traction”

Leonhard Zintl, CEO


Rheinische Post Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

“gannaca pairs strategic foresight with empathetic guidance – striking”

Pia-Angela Kemper, Head of Finance & Business Extras



aunts & uncles

“gannaca? Ahead of our time’s spirit and yet fundamentally rooted in business practice”

Sven Scheurer, Managing Partner



“gannaca successfully implanted an innovation cell within our corporation”

Björn Christmann, Managing Director



“gannaca consulting has made a true difference”

Peter Stocker, Chairman of the Board



“Exactly the electrifying impulse that we had asked for”

Dieter Hofmann, Managing Director



“gannaca understands innovation as business – not as art”

Jan A. W. Schneider, Managing Partner



“The collaboration with burda was characterized by great courage for radical, fresh formats”

Christopher Peterka, gannaca CIO 


“gannaca has a wonderful way of combining business and culture”    

Stephan Kovats



“Strategic foresight I enjoy relying on”  

Dirk Löhle, Partner



“Fantastic work”

Volker Selle, CEO Germany



“Precise, on time – high-end”

Angelika Lübben, Brand Communication & PR Manager



“We needed radical ideas – they delivered”

Ulrich Kerber, Member of the Board



“Useful advise – Champions League”

Judith von der Ohe, Partner Germany



“I knew I’d get exactly what I expected”

Claudia Ercy Lippmann, Director xs living concepts


Deutsche Bank

“gannaca: Truly lateral thinking”

Susan Davis, Marketing & Communications Specialist



“gannaca translates access the frontier line in digital innovation”

Marlo Köhler, Key Clients – Next Generation



“Reliably one of the best sources for future insight”

Ekkehardt Gerlach, Managing Director


Deutsche Welle

“Met the target 100%”

Nicolas Martin, Moderator



“We’ve benefited strongly from working with gannaca; especially because we’ve seen creative+smart combinations rather than expensive”

Christina Käßhöfer, Head of Marketing



“Bold, daring and aesthetically top-notch content ideas”

Oliver Prange, Publisher



“Design Thinking to perfection”

Rolf-Hendrik Ahrens, Director of Marketing & E-Business



“At the forefront of change and innovation culture”

Sven-Oliver Pink, Managing Partner



“Daring, professional, skillful”

Franc Arnold, Managing Director



“gannaca thinks big and delivers on it”

Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt, DARCH ITA CAAD


European Business School

“Innovation strategy entirely rethought”

Prof. Dr. Diane Robers, Professorship of Management Practice, Research Director Entrepreneurship



“This is the line of thinking that we need to successfully transform our business models”

Prof. Marc Bettzüge, Chairman of the Management Board 



“Value driven, profound and actionable advice”

Marc-Sven Mengis, Head of the Advisory Board


Freudenberg Performance Materials

“Thanks for the great inspiration”

Jutta Vo Quang, Global Key Accounts



“Their international perspective is unique and very valuable”

Dr. Sebastian Pranz, Publisher



“With gannaca one can really tap into the future – today”

Dr. Andreas Blühm, Director



“A living example of meaningful, modern consulting culture”

Jürgen Degen, TC-Producer



“Radically open and yet diplomatically enough to match corporate culture”

Frank Wagemann, Senior Relationship Manager



“gannaca has a very good feel for trends in the real estate industry and delivers surprisingly concrete solutions to them – before everyone knows it”

Robert Bambach, CEO


IHK Südlicher Oberrhein

“Stimulating, smart and exactly what our members need to hear”

André Olveira, Head of Division Innovation und Environment



“Truly impressive strategic creativity”

Jens Fabian Herdieckerhoff, Marketing Director



“Continuously for years gannaca stays on top of my list when it comes to innovation strategy”

Steffen Jüstel, Managing Director, LBBW Real Estate


M. Dumont Schauenberg

“Genuine thought leadership on the digital age”

Wolfgang Brüser, Communications Director



“With gannaca, we have unerringly developed top contacts in Germany”

Morten Brandt, CEO



“Fast & impactful – exactly what we need”

Ulf Adebahr, CIO Electronics Online Group



gannaca is a think tank we’re proud to have in this city”

Konrad Peschen, Media Department City of Cologne


MINI (BMW group)

“gannaca truly is digitally native

Eyske Janßen, Marketing Manager



“Time and time again I´m surprised by their foresight”

Ulrike Köhler, Vice President and General Manager at Nike Germany, Austria and Switzerland



“A very meaningful mix of rare insight, smart strategy and personal unpretentiousness”

Manuela Ehresmann, Head of Marketing /PR / Information



“Excellent network, massive business potential”

Jeroen van Agtmael, Partner


PRETTL Produktions Holding GmbH

“Extremely quick, on the point and highly creative”

Daniel Stuckert, Head of Global Media & Corporate Communications



“gannaca seems to be on very good terms with the zeitgeist – great work!”

Silvia Schweigart, Head of Marketing



“You promised magic – and you delivered”

Tuomas Rantsi, Project Developer


Swiss Re

“We had been looking for this deep understanding of our issues and the creative lead necessary to execute it accordingly for a while – gannaca simply listened to us and delivered exactly what we asked for perfectly in time”

Dr. Reto Schneider, Head of Emerging Risk Management


Vattenfall Europe

“gannaca has not only the ideas but the proper instruments to help putting them into practice”

Andreas Breitsprecher, Communications Director


ENAAA Ventures

“Strategically a visionary – practically a reliable advisor”

Dr. Erik Massmann, ENAAA Ventures

Züblin AG

“You impressively contributed to the digital era’s introduction at Züblin”

Dr. Norbert Pralle, Divisional Director Development and Innovation, Central Technology


Fachhochschule des Mittelstands

“Very useful insight into the digital transformation”

Heike Wilms


Walser Privatbank

“Top cooperation – trusting, personal, competent”

Gregor Neuhäuser, Head of Düsseldorf Office



“Whenever we need profound forecasts on our topics, I like to get in touch with gannaca”

Ekkehart Gerlach, Managing Director German ICT + Media Academy 



“Thought leadership on digital humanism at its best”

Sandra Trautmann, Senior Event & Marketing Manager


Gerhard Müller

“gannaca finds a way where others see obstacles”

Gerhard Müller, Wirtschaftsprüfer


WR Wohnraum AG

“This collaboration surely is of crucial strategic importance to our future success”

Dr. Markus Steinhauser, CEO


V-Bank AG

“Pleasant combination of meticulousness & dynamics – very professional”

Markus Kiefer, Leiter Unternehmenskommunikation


Fürsorgekasse von 1908

“The success of the cooperation in the form of umpteen new members speaks for itself”

Günther Wolgemuth, Member of the Executive Board


The System Change Foundation

“There is hardly anyone as serious about substantial, bold programme claims than Christopher with his team at gannaca”

Rudolf D. Hilti, Founder


XU University

“gannaca founder Christopher Peterka is a great asset to our teaching”

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Fiege, Vice President Teaching at XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences


Hochschule Mittweida

“gannaca has opened up Crypto-Valley to us in a depth that has impressed me very much”

Prof. Dr. Alexander Knauer, Digital Business & E-Entrepreneurship at University of Applied Sciences Mittweida



“gannaca delivers unique innovation formats at a very fast pace”

Benjamin Zeitler, Managing Partner


Bistum Münster

“Even the consulting itself has a modernizing effect. We are making very good progress”

Dr. Ralf Hammecke, Director of Operations



“Personal, practical and effective – worth every euro”

Stefan Sauerzapf, CEO


Granpasso Digital Strategy GmbH

“The language alone makes a big difference: our customers suddenly understand better what system change might mean”

Paolo Anania, CEO


Yaliyomo GmbH

“Peterka to me is the man who sees things early – great foresight, very fruitful advice”

Nihat Arkanihat, CEO



“We get decisive impulses from gannaca about possible future developments our executives”

Marcus Kaller, Vorstand Strabag AG Köln 


regio iT

“We were able to directly upscale our innovation management from 2.0 to 4.0 with gannaca”

Dr. Dina Franzen-Paustenbach



for Hardenberg Distillery


Reed Exhibitions

for PSI Sustainability Awards 2022


Alpen Privatbank AG

“Profound, professional and personal – very pleasant cooperation”
Dennis Scheller, Branch Manager Düsseldorf 

Feldhoff & Cie. Dialog GmbH

“Extremely cool performance – we were very happy”

Simone Ulmer, Partner