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How does the blockchain community function?

To grow a fundamental understanding of the vast changing internet infrastructural business based on the blockchain concept, the German Catalpa family office booked a gannaca experience expedition in June 2018. We designed the experience expedition specifically for the client and started off with a visitation of one of Europe´s largest mining farms in Croatia. Afterwards we guided the client´s four representatives through a curated exchange with a few selected blockchain companies at Trust Square in Zurich. Finally we transferred the gained insight onto existing Catalpa investment cases to sound out potential for alternative growth.

applied methods:

  • Experience Expeditions
    An Experience Expedition is a special gannaca format for the transfer of knowledge and experience outside your own four office walls. The “experience” within the group creates a learning effect that supports the successful management of the transformation of existing ‘old economy’ structures into new forms of the Digital Modern Era.


    Experience Expeditions are ambitious exercises in terms of content, where a switch in perspective from personal habit in favour of the temporary experience of that of successful third parties is in the foreground.


    In order to make sustainable use of this change of perspective and develop concrete and meaningful business models, the Experience Expeditions are curated and moderated by qualified consultants. Additionally, the dialogues are continuously monitored.
  • Digital Diplomacy
    Often, transformation projects are less likely to fail due to a lack of willingness, too tight budgets, or too little speed, but rather because of the different mindsets and professional and cultural prejudices of those involved. With “Digital Diplomacy” we provide, in the form of training, exercises, and excursions, for a better understanding between the so-called “old” and “new” world.
  • The Applied Vision Transformation
    TAVT is a coaching method designed by Christopher Peterka for the systematic recording and activation of ideas with the aim of their valorisation.
  • Futures Thinking
    Futures Thinking offers ways of addressing, even helping to shape, the future; but it is not about gazing into a crystal ball. It illuminates how policy, strategy, and action can promote desirable futures and help prevent those we consider undesirable. It stimulates strategic dialogue, widens our understanding of the possible, strengthens leadership, and informs decision-making.

    Futures Thinking is a method for informed reflection on the major changes that will occur in the next 10, 20, or more years in all areas of social life, including education. Futures Thinking uses a multidisciplinary approach to pierce the veil of received opinion and identify the dynamics creating the future.

    While the future cannot be reliably predicted, we can foresee a range of possible futures and ask which are the most desirable for particular groups and societies. A variety of methods – qualitative, quantitative, normative, and exploratory – help to illuminate the possibilities, outline policy choices, and assess the alternatives.

applied services:

  • Match Making
    We've been running our business for more than 15 years. Since the first day, we've placed special emphasis on our network of high potential thought leaders, change makers, and multiplicators. Once you've comprehensibly explained your specific interest to us, there's a high likelihood that we have some very capable human beings for you who you should get to know to foster your interest. We do this based on trust and high moral standards, so you might hear us answer “no” as well if we feel we shouldn't act. But please: try us. The people we like to match with you typically are of the following kind (globally): - Innovation Thought Leaders - Change Makers - Strategic Investors - Substantial Entrepreneurs
  • Moderation
    You produce a conference, trade exhibition, panel, or show to foster your business and need a serious, well reputed moderator? We’re here to support you with our carefully selected team of moderators from subtle, elegant and smart journalists to straight-forward, canny business guys. Please drop us a line to express your interest here.    



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Client MP


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Junior Consultant



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