VR Networld

Artist in Residency

Can artistic approaches help with intercultural communication?

The artist in residence program is one of the outcomes of a successful experience expedition to Seoul, South Korea, in October 2016.


Initiated as a worldwide program it aims to promote international understanding and respect for cultural diversity through exchange between society and selected artists. Artists are invited to reflect over society and technology.


For the first edition, we selected Lee Minhyuk (b. 1972), an artist from Seoul, whose vibrant brushwork of street and everyday scenes delight art lovers and collectors. His paintings have been frequently presented in solo and group exhibitions in Korea and abroad.


The artist was invited to Berlin for an 8 weeks residence. Minhyuk’s latest works, as well as other selected pieces of him, were successfully showcased at Kunstverein in Berlin.



Lee Minhyuk



Felix Park

Production Commissioner



Christopher Peterka