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5月 14th, 2021

Le Boudir X gannaca


Fashion & Technology in times of crisis? As we have seen, since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis: virtuality has flourished in fashion and luxury, fashion weeks platforms have become digitalized around the world, presentations have become digitalized, storytelling is immersive. This is far from a trivial observation. So, as Christopher Peterka observes, if “the appropriate use of technology in the fashion industry increases its importance as a voice, in our societal discussion about what we want as a future”, what does this voice tell us? In the “Le Boudoir Numérique X gannaca series” Episode 1, our CIO Christopher discusses this with Mila Chan and Chibi Mila, the virtual journalists of the Digital Boudoir. “Le Boudoir Numérique X gannaca” is a new series of interviews on the future of fashion tech in collaboration with our dear friend and advisory board member Ludmilla Intravia, journalist and editor-in-chief of Le Boudoir Numérique, a digital magazine deciphering the impact of technology, innovation and digital on fashion and beauty. Discover the video of the first episode here.


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5月 14th, 2021

Fischer Highlights


Does today’s curriculum date back to the Stone Age? Are teachers mercilessly overworked? “Germany must not remain a country of emergency when it comes to education.” – The second episode of the new podcast series “fischer Highlights” is just one of the projects in which our CIO Christopher Peterka, together with the fischer group of companies, addresses the challenges facing the school system in dealing with digitalization. This also includes the digitalization prize launched by company owner Prof. Klaus Fischer, “Zukunft. School. Digital.”, which was held for the second time in 2021 and is entering the exciting online finals this week. The goal: To catch up as soon as possible with the nations that are role models in terms of advancing digitization: Israel, Uruguay and Finland. The educational activities of fischer in cooperation with gannaca are a big step in this direction and without question serve as a model for the whole of Germany. The podcast episode can be heard on the company’s website and in all audio platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Amazon or Youtube as well as here.


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5月 6th, 2021

RP Symposium 2021


Last week we told you about the production of the 2021 symposium “Highlights of modern medicine – live healthy – stay healthy” of the Forum Future Medicine. The goal of the event: current, medical knowledge explained in a way that everyone can understand. The media production, which was carried out at Rudas Studios Düsseldorf, is intended to help allay patients’ fears by providing them with better information about innovative treatment methods. Panel discussions were held on various aspects, such as immunotherapy in oncology or the use of artificial intelligence in cardiology, which were moderated by our CIO Christopher Peterka. As if the direct exchange with affected patients in times of the pandemic were not hurdle enough – the preparation and execution of such a production is an art in itself. All the more beautiful when the result (from June 11 on is right and also gives us at gannaca the feeling for a small moment that we have arrived back in the pre/post C19 everyday life. We would like to thank the Rheinische Post and Pia Kemper for this.


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4月 28th, 2021

gannaca insights

The System Change Foundation


In April, we were delighted to welcome our long-time friend and partner Rudolf Hilti to Cologne, Germany, to jointly launch the partnership between gannaca and “The System Change Foundation”. The System Change Foundation is a non-profit platform for new imaginative thinking based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, which promotes sustainable development between environment, economy and society and sees itself as a value-based enabler to holistically rethink systems and global challenges. THE Est. is an integral part and owned by The System Change Foundation. Together we bring together opinion and decision makers and act as bridge builders for Technology, Policy and Mindset Change. With a strong, trusted network around the globe, we help people and institutions on their way to the necessary changes in perspective. Because: Systemic change begins with changed perspectives.


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4月 13th, 2021

gannaca partner


The Conference, Malmö/Sweden


At gannaca, we have actively lived attending conferences around the planet for over 20 years. We are particularly enthusiastic about those that enable and drive meeting and collaborating with the brightest, most creative and open minds. Above all, we count “The Conference” among these. The Conference attracted international attention by becoming one of the most thought-provoking and best-designed conferences on digitalization, society and business in Europe. Over two days, 25 speakers and 1500 participants gather in Malmö, Sweden, to ground the complexity in the digital world through human behaviors, new technologies and opportunities. 2020 marked the 10th year anniversary of The Conference. “During ten years of exploring the world of digital we can conclude: Everything has changed. And suprisingly little. The next big things take time. URGENCY DOES NOT EQUAL SPEED.”


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7月 21st, 2020

Cloud Talk


MyClimate Zürich


Digitisation and sustainability? Our CIO Christopher Patrick Peterka talked about this during a cloud talk at myclimate. Together they discussed to what extent the rapid technological developments will be an aid or obstacle on the way to a sustainable “net-zero society”. What changes are we talking about here? Who initiates and who controls them? Will these developments and innovations help to save our climate? Click here for the cloud talk.


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12月 28th, 2017


Thank you.

The year draws to a close and we thank all our partners.
You have made 2017 a remarkable gannaca year, both in economic terms but, more importantly, the relevance of work and level of trust.
We’ll keep looking for the most productive innovation cultural methods in 2018 and welcome anyone who likes to join on the journey.


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10月 24th, 2017

Experience Expedition Smart Design

For several generations the real estate industry has optimized its financial mechanics, tried all kinds of materials and yet always focused on the brick & mortar core of its business. Things pretty much were done “as we´ve been always doing them”. Though as it seems today the industry´s future lies behind the walls.
Our CIO Christopher even sees “real estate as plastered software that is accessible from everywhere and usable by anybody”.
For our client ORSUS we had the pleasure to curate an experience expedition to Hamburg to look at smart design interfaces.



What is an Experience Expedition? Read it here.

Or feel it in this video.


9月 6th, 2017

A brand new gannaca

15 years ago those two made a decision that lasts until now. Today we launched the new website for our company! Check it out and enjoy.

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