Covid-19 Taskforce

Together, at eye level, measurable.

COVID-19 shows the necessity to make business models drastically more digital. Only in this way is crisis resistance possible. At the same time, it would be foolish not to use COVID-19 momentum for long overdue transformation in business. Now it is necessary to readjust processes and their scaling, to standardize data structures, to break silos and to ensure data access along all value chains.

Together with our data analysis partner Ltd. from London and Twins Digital GmbH from Düsseldorf, we formed the “C19” task force in May this year. With our task force, we are able to deliver a transformation leap of ten years within three months. Digital elements are attacking at points relevant to success, so that the use of all transformation potentials will ultimately be the most effective method of regaining the degrees of freedom necessary for the market and competition. The best liquidity in this context is avoided expenditure: We therefore waive fees and you share the profit that we have worked out together.



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Specific solutions instead of drawer concepts. We only win when you win.


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