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September 29th, 2020

Wohnraum Workshop


Transformation workshop – Kempten


Building bigger thinking – in practice. At the beginning of September, our team around Christopher Peterka, Pia Kemper, Daniel Knapp and Carlotta Simonis set off for Kempten to hold the first joint transformation workshop in the (impressive) own walls of WR Wohnraum AG. Two days of highly productive work helped to raise awareness of the importance of digital strategies and to jointly develop future-oriented solutions in order to lay the foundation for progress in the comparatively rather slow developing housing industry. We were particularly impressed by the motivation of the participants, which was palpable throughout: “Day in, day out, we are working on an indispensable commodity – LIVING. Here lies our motivation for innovation”.


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August 28th, 2020




THE Reutte (Tirol) 2.0: Together with our strategic NextGen cluster “” from Liechtenstein we could open our first, official branch in Reutte in Austria in August. Together with Rudi Hilti and Ulrich Kerber, our CIO Christopher Peterka spent a few days on site in Tyrol to write the future of the HUS.


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July 17th, 2020

Forum Flash 2020


Organic Garden AG


“We all have something our neighbors could use – and we all need something our neighbors already have.” – That sounds very much like the guiding principle of Organic Garden AG from Ingolstadt. They combine their expertise and experience from energy production, IT, industry, finance and project management in a convincing, digitalised cycle concept that integrates both Smart Farming and Industry 4.0: entirely in the spirit of resource-saving food production, valuable soil improvement and renewable energy supply. Yesterday, on 16.07.2020, our CIO Christopher Patrick Peterka had the honour of asking Organic Garden AG about these future-relevant – to all of us a little bit (!) – topics for the Münchener Merkur in a video interview during the “Forum Flash” in the lounge of Holger Stromberg in Munich. An exciting interview, which was extraordinary even for our experienced CIO, was followed by a lively discussion and, of course, a tasting.


We would like to thank…


the Münchener Merkur
Pia Kemper (Forum Flash)
the Organic Garden AG



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June 29th, 2020

The Future of Service Design


Six impulses for an alternative future


Service Design choreographs processes, technologies and interactions in complex systems to co-create value for relevant actors. The Köln International School of Design was the first university worldwide to put service design on the agenda of design education. Today KISD is the centre of an international service design network. Our CIO Christopher Peterka was part of the “Future of Service Design” conference at KISD in March this year with his talk “Dumb fucks – six impulses for an alternative future”.


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June 27th, 2020

eco Akademie Webinar


Sensors, platforms and data management


The preliminary webinar “Sensors, Platforms and Data Management” for the Proptech Expert Roundtable on August 5, 2020 at QSC in Cologne was a complete success. Together with Dirk Löhle, our CIO Christopher Peterka gave a first insight and outlook and discussed current developments in the industry with the numerous participants. We would like to thank moderator Ekkehart Gerlach for his great moderation and look forward to the continuation soon to come!


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June 21st, 2020

XU University




What do you think the digital future will look like? These and many more questions will be answered in the joint lectures with our new cooperation partner, XU University in Potsdam. XU is “fast and furious”. You can already get a first impression in the video linked below. We are looking forward to working with you!


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June 2nd, 2020

Rheinische Post Forum


Investment strategies during the Corona crisis


Corona has not only unsettled the people, but has also put the economy in a slump. Now of all times, investors must keep a cool head; they must not let themselves be infected by panic on the stock markets. But how can one remain calm in such a situation?


With a clear strategy and experienced companions at your side. Gregor Neuhäuser, branch manager of Walser Privatbank in Düsseldorf, explains what this means in a current video message. Neuhäuser deals with the current situation and explains how the private bank has positioned itself in the Corona crisis. The viewers learn a lot of interesting facts about the investment strategy of the bank and gain insight into how the financial expert estimates the development in the coming months.

A summary written in German language is also provided by the special “Personal support in uncomfortable times” in the Rheinische Post and here for download as PDF. To watch the video please click here.


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May 27th, 2020



Corona calls for system change


Events with 100 people in the middle of a lockdown do not work? With determination, creativity and the willingness to adapt on the part of everyone involved, the “XING Puls Digitalization Cologne Online” event took place on May 26 on the topic of “Corona calls for a system change”. Topics such as decentralization, recycling management and digital policy were on the agenda in plenary sessions and in small groups, and were discussed with commitment by the very diverse group of participants.


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May 24th, 2020

Future.    School.  Digital.


We were really looking forward to the final presentations of the high school students on the big stage at the headquarters of our partner, the Fischer Group in Tumlingen. All the better that the online version of the final of the first “Future School Digital Prize” was nevertheless a complete success. Despite contact restrictions, the virtually presented results of the four partner high schools exceeded our expectations by far. The gannaca team around Christopher Peterka and Carlotta Simonis already got a first impression in February at a joint workshop – in the assumption that they would meet again in May for the big final day and the award ceremony. It is all the more impressive that the online final day was a 100% success and that the students were motivated and enthusiastic about the topics “Digitality & Education” and “Algorithmic Public Spheres” despite the circumstances, says jury member Christopher Peterka, who is already looking forward to the catch-up event for the award ceremony next year, the annual Fischer Abiturientenforum. We can´t wait and are pleased to be able to share some of the “digital results” soon. Those who are already curious can find the report on the final day here.


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