Think Tank

gannaca is a decentralized, virtual consulting company for leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are specialized in change & transformation processes at the intersection of new technologies, human behavior and sustainability. To date, this involves the development or transformation of business models with a strong focus on humanistic values and socio-economic macro trends. At the heart of our value creation is a unique brain bank, filled with the cumulative practical experience, digital methodology, international network and knowledge of over 20 years of business. Our team of consultants, spread across six continents, is professionally interdisciplinary, culturally diverse and international. We are fluent in German, English, French, Korean, Dutch, Russian and Spanish.




The name “gannaca” comes from the Tamil language and means “rich & diverse”. Accordingly, we always understand our offer as professional inspiration beyond the conventional horizon. This is how we interpret our self-commitment in the age of Digital Modernity: Always one step more human and thus more valuable than any machine should come.







Speed is probably the last real economic competitive advantage of stock. So it’s a perfect fit that we like speed and can deliver. Experience, methodological competence and the desire to go the extra mile help us to do this. The higher the return on consulting time for our customers, the higher our satisfaction. That’s why we love effectiveness and use technology wherever it gives people more freedom to use their time intelligently in personal consulting. Gravity is created from the pairing of your industry expertise and our consulting. It attracts the best internally and externally. This is how you improve your employer attractiveness, your depth of creation and thus your performance.



These are the hallmarks of digital modernity: data ownership and analysis beats mechanical engineering, platform ownership and expansion beats niche, disruption beats continuity. We show perspectives, design concrete formats to connect and accompany you in the implementation even in traditionally conservative structures & cultures. To do this, you need to know earlier than others which macro trends will affect your business. We work out with you what exactly this means in conclusion and how you can plan to generate economic advantages from it.



Intelligent & creative people find solutions where others stop in front of problems.Being right is rarely worthwhile. It is much more lucrative to tap into the massive changes in the economy and society and shape them yourself. At the latest since the beginning of the digital modern age, we have been living in a normal state, which the American military calls VUCA. The acronym stands for V-olatility, U-nsecurity, C-complexity and A-mbiguity. In short, everything is constantly changing. That’s only exhausting when leadership doesn’t provide a clear line and doesn’t follow behind. We adapt – constantly. And yet remain true to our goals and values.



Christopher Patrick Peterka (born 1978) is a futurist, entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of practical experience. He laid the first milestone with the foundation of a company for natural language interfaces of human-machine communication already in 2000. Besides managing his investments, Christopher advises individuals and organizations worldwide on all issues related to innovation cultures and future strategies. He is particularly interested in the new rules in business and society in the age of digital modernity. In his impulsive existence as a futurist, he predicts likely futures, processes, and circumstances through the use of AI-driven data analytics and personal and social decision-making.



As a speaker and interviewee, Peterka inspires, surprises and challenges. He reveals the tectonic shifts between “old and new worlds” driven by what he calls the “great acceleration of data and technology.” He creates context and conveys relevance; scratches at the boundaries of what is imaginable and feasible without losing touch with reality. The cyborg-equipped father of two strives for practical change and a world with a pathos according to which even robots can be taught humanity. Meet Christopher today.