The Futurist

Christopher P. Peterka is a professional predictive futurist who forecasts probable futures, events and processes that he and gannaca global think tank group expect are likely to occur, in a statistical sense, both as a result of anticipated personal and social choices, and for autonomous processes that appear independent of human choice through the use of AI driven data analytics.

Think Tank

gannaca was founded in the year 2002 to tackle unanswered questions around a rising “internet economy” and its potential effects on the society and business models of traditional market players.

The think tank today consists of a group of teams distributed across six continents (yes, we think of the social media sphere as a sixth continent).



Christopher Patrick Peterka (born 1978) is a futurist, an entrepreneur and investor with 22 years of experience under his belt. As early as the year 2000 he had already founded a company for natural language interfaces for man/machine communications. Besides managing his investments he coaches organisations globally on questions relating to the topics of innovation culture and future strategy with the think tanks gannaca and THE HUS.institute. His particular interest is dedicated to the new rules in the economy and society of the Digital Modern Era.

As a speaker and interview partner, Peterka inspires, surprises, and challenges. He reveals the tectonic shifts between ‘old and new world’ driven by advancing globalisation, digitalisation, demographics, and climate change. He creates context and conveys relevance. He scratches at the limits of the imaginable and the feasible, without losing touch with daily life. A father of two and already a cyborg, he strives for practical change and is driven to make the world a better place by leveraging an entirely new thinking that implies teaching humaneness to robots as well.