gannaca helps businesses and organisations to actively design their future in a digital world.



Digital opportunities and the early detection of threats, a better understanding of ongoing and future change processes or a well-prepared market entry are typical benefits that emerge from accessing gannaca research.

With our research we strongly focus on the ongoing digital revolution constantly changing economies and societies worldwide. We’ve built up a distinctive expertise on change making individuals, professional inspiration processes and corporate innovation culture.

Our work is based on contemporary art analysis, netnographic social media monitoring and institutional collaboration with several international think tanks such as Helsinki Design Week, the W.I.R.E. and FROH! magazine.


Fast, understandable and practically-oriented, we support our clients with digital business and communications strategies, innovation culture revivication or upgrade interventions and professional networking plans.

Throughout all consulting activities we follow a design thinking approach. As a style of thought, design-thinking is generally considered to be the ability to combine empathy for problem context, creativity in the generation of insights and solutions, and rationality to analyse and fit solutions to context.

As a speciality we’ve developed a trans-sectoral disruption method through which we provide our clients with insight into valuable foreign industry knowledge as transfer-potential for their own business and organisation.


Deploying gannaca direction services ensures that concepts don’t die in the drawer. We take a tough stance in directing individual collaborators such as photographers or programmers or whole teams, be that an internal stealth innovation task force, a bridge-head into a new market or an R&D project.

We strive to bring out the best in everybody involved by liasing with a genuine passion to perform between our client and the team. We’ve proven again and again that we’re capable of delivering extraordinary and bold results that speak for themselves.

Our secret recipe: we’ve learned a trade over the past 20 years and remain of the conviction that wasting (life)time, money or energy is a crime. Combining a love of detail, respect for everybody and a joint vision leads to remarkable results.


Allianz, Aunts & Uncles, Axel Springer, Baier & Schneider Group, Clifford Chance, Converse, CoreNet Global, Deutsche Bank, Diesel, Ergon, Ernst&Young, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, Hochtief Solutions, IWC, Karstadt, Karstadt Sport, M.Dumont Schauberg, MAN, Mini, NiB, Quant.Capital Management, Redcoon, Skiny, SRV, Stora Enso, Strabag, Swiss Federal Institute, Swiss Re, Orsus Property, Tinseltown Music, United Nations, Vattenfall, WAZ Gruppe, Züblin

Special Advisors

gannaca advisors are independant professionals who carefully select the projects and people to whom they devote their time and effort. They all have extraordinary skillsets that cover more than one specialism, hold extensive experience and strictly stick to a no-asshole rule in regards to the teams they work with.

Köksal Abdarahmanoglu, Special Advisor on Digital-Culture, Istanbul
Megan DeBeyer, Special Advisor on Eco-Strategy & Leadership, Cape Town
Wolfgang Drechsler, Special Advisor on African Economies, Cape Town
Ludmilla Intravaia, Special Advisor on Wearable Technology & Fashion, Paris
Martin Jasper, Special Advisor on Sustainable Architecture, Buenos Aires
George Kershoff, Special Advisor on Economic Research, Stellenbosch
Markus Klups, Special Advisor on Startup-Culture, Cologne
Kari Korkman, Special Advisor on Design Thinking, Helsinki
Sami Kuusela, Special Advisor on Startup-Culture, Helsinki
Michael Pawlyn, Special Advisor on Biomimicry, London
Gustavo Piqueira, Special Advisor on Contemporary Design, Sao Paulo

Sounding Board

Thinking ahead imperatively means to stay in touch with the zeitgeist. To access it what is needed is special sensitivity to trends and patterns of change as well as the professional capacity in life to not only receive but facilitate, analyse and explicitly reflect on trends.

Only a selected few people can do this. We fortunately have agreed with some of them on an institutionalised exchange for our mutual benefit. With this outcome we make sure gannaca sails close to the wind so we can really make a difference for our clientele.

Tim Berresheim, Artist, Aachen
Daniel Knapp, Analyst, London
Mark Michaeli, Architect, Munich
Lionel Samain, Photographer, Paris
Steinunn Sigurdarsdottir, Designer, Reykjavik


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