How do you create a bank brand experience that needs both to be within a fair budget as well as exciting? Deutsche Bank HQ in Frankfurt assigns us with exactly that briefing



We provide the entire startup communication package from onepager to slide deck, identity, social media and PR strategy.


Biomimetic Office

After having listend closely we decided to recommend a film. Nothing can convey a message this complex better than moving images. The result convinces.



Our client briefed us simply: support us in creating an utmost effective workplace – tailor the space and interior concept to our specific needs and ambitions – and not to just current trends and fashion. Well we did…


Smart Office

As excel spreadsheets and powerpoint slides don´t actually make that much of a difference between a conventional and a genuinely innovative product, we´re supposed to come up with a communications concept that matches the daring technological smartness of the building.


Paper Art

In times of consumers turning into prosumers traditional advertising needs to change.
We suggest to pick up early notions of the makers movement and show some fine streetart instead of shiny product imagery.


Project Q

Our client demanded a creative breakthrough in promoting the project at a very early stage while still being in planning mode. Our answer: a mixed media mailing consisting of a high tech module including an ipod carrying a preloaded augmented reality app combined with a low tech blackthorn brush-wood bed.



HOCHTIEF Development Switzerland wants to make a difference here – and we help them achieve it. With a fire side chat series that always features a non-industry related theme at a surprising location and a small artistic act we gather a maximum of 25 people that need to apply and give a reason why they should be there.


Skiny Revolution

We pitched a bold idea: have a stand without displaying any products! Instead make it so desirous to touch, feel and enter that simply nobody can get around it.


Spend or Save?

We´ve created a signature design identity for manual sketching lectures that combine voice and illustration in a captivating, „real time“ style. The film is used both online and in schools globally.


Living & Working 2025

A re-insurance really needs to know about future developments and so does Swiss Re.
That´s why Swiss Re purchases gannaca services for having a design language modeled for „future risk“ scenarios.


CITT temporary think tank design

CITT+ is a temporary think tank on the infrastructure´s industry future development issues.


designpark helsinki

Designpark Helsinki is a pop-up mall situated right at the most vibrant spot within the city – Kalasatama neigbhourhood. SRV Ltd. picked up the concept that we created within our joint venture with Jasper Architects in Buenos Aires.