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Berlin, 31. January 2012 – Politicians have decided. Germany needs to go through a transition to a new energy supply. Vattenfall as one of the big four energy companies instructed the gannaca think tank on communications to develop a creative concept on how to communicate its ambition to stay ahead as a reliable partner in Germanys energy future.



Munich, 27. February 2012 – Allianz SE purchases a concept and the production of a viral spot for the non-profit organisation My Finance Coach Stiftung GmbH which aims to improve the financial educational backround of children and young people. The gannaca think tank on communications therefore uses graphic recording to reduce the complexity of financial matters and creates joyful food for thought.



Hildesheim, 2. March 2012 – Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH approached the gannaca think tank on communications to determine the possibilities of an Open StreetMap (OSM) based navigation application, how to communicate a new business field like this and to discuss the results in a trend workshop with the client.



Vienna, 17. april 2012 – HTD Smart Office GmbH & Co. KG puts gannaca think tank on communications in charge of the conceptualization and realization of the sales material augmentation for its newest project named “2, Smart Office”. The office building that meets latest sustainability standards and extends to approx. 20.000 sqm is being developed as a major milestone on Nordbahnstrasse in Vienna´s 2nd district close to the world famous “Prater” park.



Amsterdam, 14. may 2012 – Following its yearly ritual gannaca partners met in conclave and spent a week on a Dutch houseboat at KNSM island, Amsterdam. As a central result the importance of focussing professional inspiration services was strongly emphasized. For this reason gannaca introduces its new claim “think tank on communication” with immediate effect. A new website reflecting the focus will be launched at the beginning of 2013.



Berlin, 16. June 2012 – On the occasion of a targeted direct mailing to selected addressees Berlin and Brussels based association “Deutscher Verband” purchases an idea development. The pressure group mainly focuses the issues of domestic housing, urban development and space planning. The requested idea is supposed to increase awareness for the associations´ high level positioning within the German thought leadership scene.



Sant Antonino, 16. July 2012 – Interroll (Schweiz) AG aks gannaca think tank on communications to present a creative concept for a new customer magazine. The objective is to raise the awarenes level of the company in the top target group of executives in industries with a high logistics´ portion. gannaca takes a disruptive approach once again and asks. Why has corporate publishing to look like corporate publishing?



Vienna, 27. august – HT Development Austria Gmbh buys gannaca´s conceptual, network and curational power to gather a strictly limited group of thought leaders at the Austrian capital thinking about future risks and chances during the coming winter. The gathering will be a prelude to a series of international fireside chats to be taking place at several Eastern European cities over the next two years.



Berlin, 8. october – Nike Germany once more challenges gannaca´s creative minds by purchasing ideas and conceptual power supporting Nike´s ambition to inspire German girls to download its Training Club´s (NTC) app. The NTC app presents Full-body workouts developed by Nike professional trainers that will take personal training to the next level.



Cologne, 27. november – publishing house “Mediengruppe DuMont Schauberg” asks gannaca to perform a technology workshop on “augmented reality” as the publisher´s head of innovation management Ismene Poulakos regards the technology as sufficiently disruptive worth to take a closer look. gannaca offers a selected range of workshops on future trends and technologies all carefully curated to cut out the geek language and deliver tangible insight to change makers.



Istanbul, 18. december – Turkish real estate developer HT Gayrimenkul Gelistirme Ltd. Sti. orders an app development to extend its planning and sales material. The “Smarter City” app is supposed to improve investor´s and tenant´s imagination of future developments in urban areas at a very early stage by smoothly integrating 3D models into 2D city maps.