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Zurich, 5th January 2010 – How will be the development of the global village after the financial meltdown? What will change and what will remain constant? What clings economy and society together during the next decade? The first MIND THE FUTURE meeting of the year of W.I.R.E., think tank of the Bank Sarasin and the Collegium Helveticum, is dealing with these questions. Looking at the brave new, old world gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka as thought leader and cosmopolite talks about the unbelievable story of the collapse of Iceland and analyzes trends from the new world of emerging markets. Next to this the retired Swiss Federal Counci Pascal Couchepin discusses which roll will play the Swiss in the area of conflict between global and regional world. The foresight will be adjusted and thwarted by the slam poets Lara Stoll, Simon Libsig and Ivo Engeler. With this event MIND THE FUTURE lays the foundation for a spectacular but also reflective start into the new year.



Cologne, 14th January 2010 – gannaca pops the corks. Germany’s leading inner-city developer for office buildings, hotels and special-purpose properties mandates the corporate for consulting and creation of creative brand communications with the conception and production of an office warming. Invited partner and customers experience an evening with refreshments for body and soul. With his lecture “HEALTH HORIZONS impacts for economy and society” Dr. Stephan Sigrist, head of the Swiss thinktank W.I.R.E. (Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise), initiates a dialogue that will be kept in mind.



Berlin, 21st January – All around the Bread & Butter territory in Berlin are clotheslines with t-shirt to dry. Clothes drying racks in the city. And some busy housewives are pegging out washes. Are the Berliners stupid? By no means. The Italian fashion label DIESEL mandates once again gannaca with the conception and production of an out-of-home-activity on the occasion of the Bread & Butter. Therefore the corporate for consulting and creation of creative brand communications uses the current DIESEL slogan and expands it: “be stupid” – dry your shirts outside, even in wintertime. Who is stupid enough for DIESEL and is the first one who steals a t-shirt?



Berlin, 28th January 2010 – The transmediale takes place in Berlin from 2nd till 7th February. The international festival for contemporary art and digital culture presents advanced artistic positions reflecting on the socio-cultural impact of new technologies. It seeks out artistic practices that not only respond to scientific or technical developments, but that try to shape the way in which we think about and experience these technologies. A new experience of technology offers novero also. The young technology company wants to change the way we look at technology and increase the “joy” factor of mobile communication. The bluetooth headset TheFirstOne looks more like a stylish fashion accessory than a technical gadget. So it#s no wonder that the transmediale is happy to cooporate with novero and equips the mediaguides with the design headset.


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Cologne, 4th February 2010 – French is not only the language of love. From now on it’s also the language of gannaca. The corporate for consulting and creation of creative brand communications publishes its information feature on the internet in French. There our francophonic neighbours find the customary performance profile and a history of the agency’s experience in their native tongue.



Cologne, 10th February 2010 – Tobias Lehnen supports the gannaca team since 2008 as a designer to create sustainable design concepts. Holistically educated at the university of applied science Düsseldorf and as an all-rounder who worked already internationally, he develops creative design concepts for example for ortlieb and Nike. The team in the headquarter Cologne is happy to welcome the graduated designer as a new support in the design department.



London, 18th February 2010 – novero crosses the British Channel and gannaca assists in doing so. The corporate for consulting and creation of creative brand communications plans and executes for the telecom company a press breakfast as well as an opinion leaders dinner in London. Representatives of the technology and lifestyle press meet at the Altitude 360 to learn more about the new fashion technology and have a breathtaking view over the British metropolis. The opinion leaders dinner takes place at Andaz 1901 where among others Maria Chen, Vice president Womenswear at Armani Exchange, and Martyn Robert, Founder Vauxhall Fashion scout event, discuss about the capabilities of the new technology. The Queen is amused. gannaca also.


in aqua

Cologne, 25th February 2010 – In wine there is truth and in water there is not only health – sometimes there is even another perspective. gannaca gives every year a special water to good friends and follows by doing so the approach of new-thinking of well-known rituals. This year gannaca’s choice is the LAUQUEN water from Patagonia. Located between Argentina, Chile and Tierra del Fuego it comprises the biggest connected sheet of ice outside the poles. Here is the fond of LAUQUEN, the southernmost mineral water of the world. The water of the LAUQUEN fond had no contact to air or other environmental conditions and therefore is absolutely pure. Aroused from ice, snow and rain, naturally filtrated and enriched with minerals it has the appreciation that gannaca likes to give to friends.



Cologne, 4th March 2010 – The systems that we know are at a loss. Limited resources, climate and financial crisis are only three keywords that show the gap between the old way of thinking and the global necessities of a connected and creativity driven information society. A change of thinking is needed to step really into the 21st century. Old traditions have to be replaced. Even the concept of Jeans should be though again and get an

update. The attendants of the AMD Düsseldorf workshop “Jeans 2.0 – create & destroy” create new concepts of the model Jeans and consider new ways of marketing and communication. Under the guidance of gannaca the old way of thinking will be destroyed and even fancy ideas will get a stage. Are you interested in new ways of thinking, too?



Cologne, 9th March 2010 – Raszvan Olosu, novero CEO, uses the strategically communications consultancy gannaca to improve a communications based research unit. gannaca develops and produces the strategic communications instrument named “novero ambassadors club”. novero invites a small group of experts to think about the future of technology in progressive societies. The ambassadors bring their network assets into dialogue, use their

cultural experience on a punctual reflection on novero´s course and share their intellectual knowledge with novero´s strategic research and development during exclusive talks with the CEO. Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel, Director German Institute of Digitalism, is the first ambassador and will present the first meeting in Ney York City. gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka is creative director of the “novero ambassadors club”.



Zurich, 17th March 2010 – The freeconomy can’t be stopped. The relation between the price of a product and its value volatizes more and more. It seems that many industries will have the same destiny like the music industry in the last decade because of the prevailing for free mentality. It’s high time to make a business out of it. The current issue of the GDI Impuls shows ways how corporates can solve the for free trap. How providers of online games can realize profit although – or just because of – the for free mentality of their customers; how price management can be shifted from cost- to value orientation and how a restaurant can be successful although – or just because of – the guests can decide by their own how much they want to pay. gannaca recommends reading.



Zurich, 24th March 2010 – The event series Circle Talks, created and produced by gannaca, enters the third round. Selected guest come together in the g27 galleries and discuss in a personal atmosphere about creativity. Artist and researcher Karsten K. Panzer PerZan -genEsthetics- speaks about new insights of creativity and presents his meta language which transports genes into colours. He encourages to visionary talks on a marvelous springtime eveningt with contemporary art around. The musical highlight at the evening is the Schwyzerörgeli artist Marcel Oetiker who entertains the guests with his music.



Cologne, 31th March 2010 – Immanuel Kant already knew it: “Knowledge comes from experience”. So gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka hits the road and visits the metropolitan region Manila. Peterka wants to experience by himself how does it feel if 43.000 inhabitants are on one square kilometer and which kind of innovations in communications and in the urban life are produced by that huge amount of people. He has talks with fascinating personalities. The results of his study will be published here.



Berlin, 7th April 2010 – The corporate for consulting and creation of creative brand communications expands and opens an office in the Josetti Höfe Berlin. The Josetti Höfe were built in 1906 and consist of two complexes, one of both extending up to the Spree. In the course of the last one hundred years the building has been space for a wood and a metalworking enterprise, the cigarette factory Josetti, a film studio for documentaries, the GDR chip manufacturer Robotron and at last the Senate Administration for Finances.This building is listed. gannaca is fascinated of the historical place and simply joins: Berlin, ick liebe Dir.



Zurich, 15th April 2010 – gannaca has grown internationally, and therefore is happy to welcome Rodrigo Carrizo Couto on board. Couto is a Spanish journalist, photographer and communications expert. He started reporting from the Soviet Union in 1990, where he studied International Relations and Russian language at the Moscow State University (MGU Lomonosov) before obtaining degrees in English and French at the Barcelona State School of Languages. Since then he has worked for several news agencies, publications and independent TV documentary projects in Spain and Europe. In 2003 he began an ongoing collaborationwith the major

Spanish newspaper “El País” covering political, social, economic and cultural events in Switzerland, where he currently lives. He reported from Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. His photos, articles and interviews have been published in several magazines, newspapers and digital media. He has also worked as Media & Communications Manager for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ). Since 2008 he also contributes regularly to the SRG-SSR Swissinfo (Swiss Broadcasting) magazine. He supports gannaca as Communications Consultant.



Zurich, 21st April 2010 – The next “Klub Med” takes place in the hall of the Bederhof in Zurich on the 5th May. Swiss media professional meet and discuss about contemporary topics in a personal atmosphere. This time Christopher Patrick Peterka, founder and managing partner of the corporate for consulting and creation of creative brand communication gannaca is invited. In his trigger speech Peterka speaks about for which reasons the “KISS” formula (“Keep it stupid simple”) won’t work anymore and why intelligent content is sexy. The following discussion takes a collective look ahead and it will talked about which possible consequence this does may have for the media branch.


quality of

Zurich, 26th April 2010 – Sustainability has been at the core of Sarasin enduring success as a Swiss private bank. The now published sustainability report 2009 focuses on the theme of “quality of life”. gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka speaks about the experience he has made in Sao Paulo and the most unusual measures to promote quality of life that mayor Gilberto Kassab has accomplished in 2007: the clean city law bans all advertising in public spaces. gannaca recommends reading.



Düsseldorf, 5th May 2010 – The worldwide operating telecommunications company novero expands the mandate of gannaca to Europe. The corporate for consulting and production of creative brand communications takes account for the media work in thirteen countries. The headquarter in Cologne controls the activities in the Benelux, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Spain. With selective measures in the field of corporate- and product PR a sustainable visibility of novero is reached. You like to know more about the symbiosis of technic and fashion?



Cologne, 12th May 2010 – The team in the head office in Cologne is growing again. The hotel specialist Manuela Hausmann supports the corporate for consulting and creation of creative brand communication as office manager, coordinates the workflow and adapts it to the ongoing growth of the company. Hausmann has already worked as assistant to the manager and gained experience inter alia in media- and creative agencies. She has won the Event-Award Eva with the Leybold Roadshow touring through Germany.



Saint Petersburg, 20th May 2010 – This year the annual retreat of gannacas managing partners Christopher Patrick Peterka and Alexander Rosenthal takes place in one of Europe’s biggest cities. In the four million metropolis Saint Petersburg Peterka and Rosenthal are analyzing the past business year and adapt the strategy to the ongoing growing of gannaca. In the former capital of the Russian empire the two are also having talks with opinion leaders and do research focusing on the global change. The out coming insights will be analyzed in the gannaca think tank.



Cologne, 27th May 2010 – The corporate for creative communications develops for the novero ambassadors club a self-contained visual identity. The design of each single item – like the business stationary, but also more rarely and exclusively like a seal and a serial of art motifs – combines traditional with modern vanguard design to a distinctively appearance. This symbiosis gives the high quality items an elitist look and mirrors the values of the “novero ambassadors club” in an ideal way. The technology- and lifestyle company novero researches with the “novero ambassadors club” the future of a digital society under guidance of the synchronized team of Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel and Christopher Patrick Peterka and their guests.



Heidelberg, 4th June 2010 – Future can’t be predicted. But this doesn’t prevent gannaca from dealing with the future. So the corporate for the consulting and creation of creative communications gladly accepts the invitation to the first Life Science Dialogue, operated by gannaca friend and partner the W.I.R.E. in cooperation with Dr. Rainer Wild Foundation In a personal atmosphere selected guests from the fields of science, economy and society discuss about topics considering the future. You are also interested in new insights?



Berlin, 10th June 2010 – The second novero ambassadors club takes place in the capital city of the Federal Republic. Germany’s most extraordinary club – the China Club Berlin – is located at the Paris Square in the old and new center of Berlin. It represents a one of a kind symbiosis of an urbane way of life, in which East and West meet in a brand new way and provides so an ideal framework for novero’s alliance of highend technics and fashion. Prof. Dr. Joe Groebel presents the meeting under the creative direction of Christopher Patrick Peterka. They discuss with selected experts like Boris Entrup about the future of technology in progressive societies. The ambassadors bring their network assets into dialogue and share their intellectual knowledge with novero’s strategic research and development.



Cologne, 18th June 2010 – More and more companies try to deal with web 2.0. But only a few of them know how to use services like Twitter, Xing, Wikipedia & Co. for their business. The Deutsche Bank entrepreneus’s magazine results deals with this topic in the current issue and asks gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka how and why the web 2.0 changes the communication between companies and customers. Reading is recommended.

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Berlin, 24th June 2010 – For one day the Italien Fashionlabel DIESEL kills the digital world. In the context of the current “be stupid” campaign DIESEL gets everybody who is crazy enough back into reality. At the Max Schmelling Halle in Berlin the popular online community facebook becomes reality in the facepark event. The visitors can share their news on cardboards, play Farmville and Mafia Wars with living animals and a “real” gangster and poke each other

with oversized fingers. Again DIESEL counts on gannaca and mandates the company with the production of the analogue facepark equipment like cardboards, the youtube stage and “message frisbees”. Of course gannaca thinks about nature and produces carbon neutral equipment. The visitors enjoy their journey into reality with live DJing and concerts.



New York, 25th June 2010 – The third noveo ambassadors club takes place in the Big Apple. Selected guest get together in the execlusive restaurant Per Se and discuss there about the future of technology in progressive societies with a breathtaking view over the Central Park. The gannaca office New York takes care of the event and the coordination of the top-class guest like actress Donna Murphy, Joe Zee, Creative Director ELLE and J. Max Robins,Executive Director Int’l. The ambassadors bring their network assets into dialogue and share their intellectual knowledge with novero’s strategic research and development.



Cologne, 28th June 2010 – The event series gannacanema enters the next round on 15th July. Nicola Richter, head of research at gannaca think tank, outlines in her lecture how communication- and business models can keep up with the new digital vanguard in times of iPad & Co. In her lecture “The dream about the space between arm and circle” Richter explains why correlation systems that we are used have been resolved by the digital revolution and about which new topics we have to think about.

For example: kilogram was replaced by megabyte and the distinction between fiction and reality was replaced by the term virtuality. These and related phenomena have changed social conditions and the daily experience. Therefore new approaches, that are able to close the gap between innovative theories and antiquated practice, are needed. Richter explains for example why it is reasonable to combine corporate communications with art to communicate in times of information overload. You are also interested in new fresh insights?



Stuttgart, 1st July 2010 – The event series Circle Talks, created and produced by gannaca, enters the next round for Germany’s leading inner-city developer for office buildings, hotels and special-purpose properties. Twenty selected guests get together in the Galeriehaus Stuttgart to talk in a personal atmosphere about the topic “mediafuture”. Media Consultant and documentarian Carmen Alzner speaks about new insights. The discussion group is inspired by an interacTable – a table with a large-format, interactive screen integrated into the table surface. The interacTable represents the new, interactive equipment which comes across the change in the working in an ideal way. Next to the interacTable different technical gadgets from former times like a Wachtman or a Polaroid quickens the discussion between the attendants from the fields of investors, entrepreneurs, politics and media who are disturbed by an invited pickpocket.


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New York, 7th July – gannaca meets a new friend at the novero ambassadors club in New York: Tunku Varadarajan. Varadarajan is a national affairs correspondent and writer at large for The Daily Beast, he is research fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution and a professor at NYU’s Stern Business School. He has recently published a great article about the World Cup semifinal and analyses why and how the days of ABG – Anyone But Germany – are gone through the performance of the German team that is not only multicultural, brilliant and youthful – but down right lovable. gannaca likes it and strongly recommends reading.



Berlin, 12th July 2010 – The Italien Fashionlabel DIESEL relies once more on gannaca. DIESEL mandates the company for the creation and production of creative brand communication during the Bread & Butter with the production of several activities. Therefore gannaca is reliable for the realisation of the Be Stupid Bus. A convertible bus picks up everybody who is stupid enough to do a very special sightseeing tour with DIESEL: the tourguide shows all the real sights of Berlin like a Lidl Market or a dancing school. Of course gannaca takes also care of the people who are coming by plane. Ten smart young men are waiting at the airports Schönefeld and Tegel and are obviously offering a pick up service. But instead of names or Hotels there are just stupid sentences on their signs like: “Actually I’m a broker, I just like to hold stupid sign”“. gannaca likes to do stupid things and to be on everyone’s lip.



Zurich, 14th July 2010 – The current issue of the GDI Impuls deals with the social and technical environment of the attitude towards life of the “generation app”. Cause who grows up with the experience that there is an “app” – a custom made program – for any need develops a new attitude towards life. The main element of this is a growing of a non- binding nature: one needs not even to know what or where to want to, one just follows the guidance. gannaca recommends reading.

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Düsseldorf, 23rd July 2010 – Not only the digital world is affected by the real world. Also the digital world influences the real life. gannaca has recognized that the concept of the “user generated content” gets more and more relevant in reality. It is not longer enought to produce content anyhow. Consumers want to contritbute their own thoughts and ideas. Therefore gannaca generates personal statements of the guests during an event and reproduces them in a tagcloud in a brochure. The consumer becomes a prosumer who is esteemed and remembers this positively for a long time.



Cologne, 28 July 2010 – WWW.WEIL-WIR-WOLLEN was the title of the gannacanema event series at the 15. July 2010. Selcted guests – among them Gerhard Müller, Ernst&&oung, München, Katrin Graul, novero, Düsseldorf und Dieter Hofmann, Blickfang GmbH, Stuttgart – dove in an extraordinary location of a former swimmingpool together with Nicola Richter, Head of Research gannaca think tank, right into a thrilling topic. Her lecture was put in perspective with a presentation camera from our technic partner AVerMedia. Richter structured her lecture into three parts. First she outlined the reasons for the ongoing change and explained which phenomena and problems have occured and how these have motivated the gannaca think tank to take the digital revolution as a serious topic. In the following part Nicola Richter explained which potentials came up to life and why it is necessary to research in this field. During the final part she focussed on how one can deal with this change. You are also interessed in new insight? We looking forward to you.



Munich, 29th July – Success in the field of art always requires accompanying media work, networking and events. The guide Kunst in die Öffentlichkeit gives guidelines for public relations work for contemporary art. Author Katharina Knieß shows the principles of PR for this field and gives tipps, checking lists and asks gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka about his opinion. gannaca is proud to be part of this book which concept was awarded with the „Public Realtions Book Award 2008/09 and recommends reading.



Cologne, 5th August 2010 – gannaca’s strategic development progresses. The company for consulting and creative brand communication begins its 2010 training year, being approved by the Chamber of Commerce Training Company. The team in the Cologne Headquarters heartily welcomes Nora Zimmermann as the first apprentice to planet gannaca. After her internship in the gannaca Design Department, Zimmermann begins her apprenticeship as an audio-visual media designer.



Cologne, 12th August 2010 – The architect’s office Molestina from Cologne needs an object of prestige that serves the demands of a conceptional and aesthetically statement and functional design. Prof. Juan Pablo Molestina mandates gannaca with the creation and production of this. gannaca develops and produces an corporate brochure which answers these demands, represents the buildings by Pablo Molestina in an high class way and mirrors the corporate identity of Molestina in an ideal way. Different kinds of materials like uncoated paper and glossy “Chromoluxkarton” remind the reader of construction materials and let him experience the brochure optically as well as haptically.



Zurich, 20th August 2010 – Never before so many people had access to such a huge amount of knowledge. But the knowledge revolution erodes itself. Today we produce more information than the human brain can process. Even machines cannot deal with that amount of information: since 2007 more data is generated than that can be stored on hard discs. What we need is a new definition of knowledge that makes sure, that we are able to reflect on the information overload and decide reasonable. But which skills do we need to be successful in the 21st century? The current issue of the “abstract” magazine, published by gannaca friend and partner the W.I.R.E., deals with this topic. gannaca recommends reading.



Cologne, 26th August 2010 – The event series gannacanema deals with the topic “FILM” at the 29th September.

gannacanema: FILMS explains why film beats text.
The change of media integrates the internet more into the daily life. Smartphones and tablets conquer the world with the speed of light. Therefore we get more and more used to the dominance of moving images. Where we once saw a billboard, we find a videoscreen

nowadays. Where once an image helped us to understand, we get nowadays the help of an animation. Due to a current study of the electronic concern Cisco, right now 51 percent of the data traffic in the internet comes from videos. The result: film has to become better if it should be successful. In her lecture Julia Michanickl, Head of the gannaca film department, shows which aspects within the editorial and technical implementation have to be taken care of.
Furthermore she answers the question what quality means in times of the net-video. Prof.Dr. Jo Groebel, Director of the German Digital Institute, comments the actual movement towards moving image s in the net and presents his latest international think tank project “Salon Digitale”. You like to attend gannacanema? Mark Schäfer is looking forward to your application.


you are

Reykjavik, 3rd September 2010 – The Digital Revolution shakes the Creative Industry. What is to be gained, lost and learned? gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka is invited to hold a lecture and discuss with other international experts at You are in Control Conference in Reykjavik about the ongoing change. The You are in Control Conference is an annual international conference exploring digital business developments in the creative industries, including music, media, arts, design and gaming. It will take place for the fourth consecutive year in Reykjavik, Iceland on October 1 & 2, 2010.

The conference is a collaborative effort between Iceland’s creative industries to create a platform for discussion about opportunities in the changing marketplace. You are in Control aims to empower attendees with knowledge on how to capitalize in the fast changing digital distribution world by the sharing of knowledge across the various industries. gannaca is proud to be part of it.



Zurich, 7th September 2010 – Games will be the key medium of the 21st century. That’s the thesis of the current GDI Impuls. The turn out of the games industry is already bigger than the turn out of the music industry and will beat the film industry soon. Within the socialisation of the millennium generation games are playing a central role like the television within the babyboomers. Therefore it’s only logical that elements of games are implied in more and more fields of economy and society. The current issue of the GDI Impuls deals with the present condition and the further progress of the “gamification”. Thereby a closer look is taken on the perspective of the games industry as well as on the overlapping to other branches- from education over customer services to retail. gannaca recommends reading.



Cologne, 23rd September – Real estate business is one of the major markets in modern economies. A company’s, a city’s, a region’s, and even a nation’s success may rely on what the developer succeed in planning and realizing. To face the challenges of the state of the art it requires the use of innovative technologies. Due to this complexity and the demand of innovation, it is more than surprisingly that in most cases self-promotional materials are outdated in content and experience. Therefore gannaca developes for the Swiss subsidiary of Germany’s leading inner-city developer for office buildings, hotels

and special-purpose properties an image brochure that meets the standard of the company in innovation and aesthetic. The publication titled “Real Estate Architecture Photography reloaded” answers the demands of a conceptional and aesthetically statement and represents the prestige building with a new kind of photography. The consequentially approach of going new ways mirrors at the same time the demand of the innovation leader in an ideal way.



Zurich, 30th September 2010 – The Swiss subsidiary of Germany’s leading inner-city developer for office buildings, hotels and special-purpose properties wants to celebrate the moving in together with the main tenant of the latest prestige building. gannaca is mandated with the creation and production of the house & office warming. Selected guests experience in the atrium an unforgettable afternoon. The event focuses on the history of the building.

Together with the fictive figure Graf Z, the guests are going on a future journey through a globalized and interconnected world. The story of Graf Z is told by an audio book that is performed for the first time during the house warming. Thereby the story conveys values to the listeners. Told from the view of a child, the values are: frankness, family and naturalness. Values, that are mirrored by the building. All guests get a CD with the exclusive audio book as a present and can so remember this extraordinary event for a long time.



Cologne, 6th October 2010 – For the house warming of the Swiss subsidiary of Germany’s leading inner-city developer for office buildings, hotels and special-purpose properties gannaca creates, produces and realizes an audio book titled “Graf Z – a future journey”. In cooperation with the sound studio acoustic-mediadesign gannaca tells the story of the journey of Graf Z who travels the world with a zeppelin in search of his roots. With the audio book gannaca sets up a surprise effect of the selected guest that – to be honest – have only expected the common speeches. With this extraordinary event of experiencing the theme of the building within an audio book, gannaca ensures that the guest will remember the house warming for a long time.



Cologne, 13th October 2010 – gannaca and the US-American manufacturer of sports equipment Converse celebrate the renaissance of the handmade together. Converse mandates the company for the consulting and production of creative brand communication with the conception and realization of six ads that should communicate that Converse also does winter shoes. The ads should be used at billboards, city lights and at the POS material in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. gannaca develops a campaign that motives are oriented towards international paper art artist like Jen Stark or Yulia Brodskaya. The artistic handmade motives constitute unique characteristics by the love for passion and define Converse from the competitors and give the customers the appreciation that they deserve.



Cologne, 18th October 2010 – We are living in an international world. The digital revolution and the technical progress are crossing boarders- at least within communication. That is the reason why we are in contact with different cultures daily. gannaca welcomes the globalization 2.0 and therefore publishes its information feature on the internet in Spanish. The descendants of Don Juan and Carmen find the customary performance profile and a history of the company‘s experience in their native tongue.



Cologne, 27th October 2010 – gannaca steps on the gas. Namely with the icon of the German automotive industry. The company for the consulting and production of creative brand communication is invited to develop a campaign for the launch of an automobile icon. Characteristic feature is the connection between real and digital world and the possibility to adapt it to different cultures. The integrated approach connects the complete media channels- from print via online to TV – in an ideal way.



Zurich, 3rd November 2010 – gannaca is on to the trend. So the company for consulting and production of creative brand communication organizes and realizes in cooperation with Michael Pawlyn, director Exploration Architecture, a future workshop about the topic “biomimicry”. Selected experts discuss and evaluate what can be learned from nature in the fields of design and architecture to solve current problems and get one step closer to the future. You like to know what your company can learn from the new insights of biomimicry? Mark Schäfer is looking forward to your email.



Reykjavik, 11th November 2010 – The Icelandic Newspaper The Reykjavik Grapevin publishes an article written by gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka. In his article “Facebook is not enough” Peterka mirrors the insights of the You are in Control Conference which took place some weeks earlier. He shows at the example of Facebook that just being part of it won’t be enough. Facebook is an instrument. Only those who play it and while playing it think of all their co-players – who themselves can be listeners or voters, commentators or collaborators, as well as all of the above, co-players who don’t consist just of digital profiles, who are more than brains in a tank, who are taking part vigorously and with all their senses in a creative exchange at work, in cafés or on the couch – only those will realize the huge potential of our contemporary creative society. gannaca recommends reading.

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Zurich, 15th November – The event series Circle Talks, created and produced by gannaca, enters the next round for the Swiss subsidiary of Germany’s leading inner-city developer for office buildings, hotels and special-purpose properties. Twenty selected guests get together in the production hall of FREITAG lab AG in Zurich to discuss the topic “media future”. In his lecture “Living under Algorithm” Daniel Knapp, Senior Analyst at screen digest, takes a glance behind the screens that mediate reality, provide news, tell stories and connect us. But where does the shift of the use of media go to? Is the fact that nearly everything is driven by algorithms alarming? And how can we deal with the information explosion? These and even more questions inspire the attendants from the fields of investors, entrepreneurs, politics and media in the middle of the production hall, where two hours before bags were produced, to a new kind of thinking. Industry meets the future of media.



Prague, 26th November 2010 – Franz Kaffka already knew: “Prague does not let loose”. Therefore gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka is on field research again. This tie the most heavily populated city of the Czech Repubic is his destination. Peterka meets selected representatives of economics and culture to get to know their opinion of the chances of the ongoing change. Furthermore he is recruiting high-ranking members for the gannaca orbit. T Interested persons who wants to know before what the opinions leaders of the “Golden City” have to say, please feel free to contact Mark Schäfer.



Zurich, 2nd December 2010 – Lifestyle is out and workstyle is in. The leisure-loving society is becoming unemployed and workstyle is defining lifestyle – again. Work is recapturing a place at the center of our lives, that had been lost during the 2nd half of the 20th century. The renaissance of the blue-collar society is leading towards a brand new culture of occupational activities. The current issue of GDI Impuls traces how the borders between work and life, working hours and leisure time, paid and unpaid work, employment and retirement and the inside and outside worlds of enterprises become blurred. Reading is strongly recommended.



Cologne, 23rd December 2010 – The time has come. Strain and stress are abating. An unfamiliar but however well-known pleasant feeling is coming up. It’s Christmas time. gannaca wishes a marvellous Christmas among your beloved. Time, to calm down and to look back on the year. Time to gain energy for a new, fascinating year with lots of exciting adventures. We are looking forward to experiencing it together with you.