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Cologne, 23rd January – Following the good and successful collaboration from last year, the Italian fashionlabel Diesel mandates gannaca again. The communication agency is responsible for an art installation drawing interest to the Diesel headquarter Germany in Düsseldorf during the CPD. To create the necessary relevance gannaca perches on an ards object once again. A five meter high archway consisting out of screens. The displays show different fashionvideos and pictures curated . The ards object builds the entrance to the Diesel-World during the CPD and welcomes every visitor.


Design versus

Cologne, 27th January – “Design vs. Science” – this is the title of the expert talk about the future of design, moderated by gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka. The dialogue is the kick off a series of panels which will discuss the potential of design for brand communications. Decision makers from the fields of economy and science – among them Dr. Dr. Axel Zweck, department chief ZTC, Olaf Markhoff, head of corporate communications Nike and Vera Bühlmann, Lic. phil., ETH Zürich, discuss the central questions “What is design able to do”, “Is design science” and “What is the future of design”.

It figures out that design more and more gains a function as a strategic lead in brand communications. The attendees are impressed and inspired by the varied opinions and the engagement of gannaca to take a closer look to this important topic. Details of the analysis will be available in a proceedings-dossier in a few weeks. For further information please contact Anna Hecker.



Cologne, 29th January 2009 – Enlightened, detached, ripped off. Welcome in Trojan economy. Whether in industry, financial world, food-design or in the internet: Less is what it seems to be. Many of us react alienated to this majority of razzle-dazzles. We are shopping less, buying less unfamiliar things or just deny consume. Buying assumes faith. If instead of that suspiciousness is growing, new patterns of behaviour come up to life.

The target group – so loved by marketing strategist – is drawing back step by step. Communication is nowadays like a Trojan horse. Rolf Hendrik Arens, Director Marketing & E-Business, Epson Germany, Sven H. Korndörffer, Managing Director Corporate Communications Aarel Bank AG and Christopher Patrick Peterka, Founder & Managing Partner of the communications agency gannaca will discuss in the ROTONDA Business Club Cologne, on the
4th February, moderated by Andreas Grosz, President Rotonda Business-Club e.V., which strategies companies, institutions or alliances should use to solve the paradigm change if they want to be taken seriously in the future. gannaca recommends the visit of the presentation.


welcome to

Cologne, 6th February 2009 – gannaca expands the team at the Headoffice Cologne by two faces. Saskia Peuser, 27, supports the agency in the PR Department. The trained banker studied media- and Information science with focus to media management at the university Offenburg. She worked for Burda Direct GmbH at the eBusiness-department as well as in communication and consulting. At Interone Wolrdwide she was employed in project management. The graduated media and information scientist Mark Schäfer, 29, works on his PhD at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf at the faculty for media- and culture analysis about “Identity construction in media”. He supports gannaca as communications manager in corporate communications.



Cologne, 13 February – Haste makes waste. Obviously this is the motto of the American post office. gannaca´s yearly strategy summit is in New York City in 2007. They write a postcard to send best greetings home and stamp it adequate. But they cannot find a letterbox at JFK airport. Instead they find a suggestion box and because it’s nearly boarding time, they put their cards just into it. “Surely some one will take them to a post office”, they think. Then a long time nothing happens. Till February of this year: the long-forgotten postcard from New York suddenly arrives. Haste makes waste.



Cologne, 16th February 2009 – The architect’s office Molestina new website is now online. gannaca designs and produces the new internet presence in close cooperation with the software-engineers of 9elements. gannaca develops a site, which serves the demands of

a conceptional and aesthetically statement, intuitive navigation and current information. By doing so it mirrors the corporate identity of Molestina in an ideal way.



Cologne, 17th February 2009 – gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka reports in the leading Swiss culture magazine Du for the first time about the gannaca investigations and his observations, which he made in Sao Paulo – the first city with an advertising band and a Biennale without art. The article draws the bottom line of Peterkas talks with Ivo Mesquita, director of the Biennale, Jorge Wilheim architect and urbanist, Fernanda Feitosa, director of SP-arte as well as the artist Tony de Marco. Furthermore it delivers first answers to the question about the future of brand communication if it will be regulated by law in public space.

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Cologne, 17th February 2009 – What started in December 2008 with the event called “Design vs. Science” initiated by gannaca goes on. On march 26th. the gannacanema professional talk series deals with new advertising especially focusing on brand communications in public spaces. Next to lectures and a temporary art installation the event gives an opportunity for casual small talk.


gannaca goes to

Colgne, 18th Feburary – Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt, head of the CAAD chair of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and visionary uses the strategically communications consultancy gannaca to improve his program called “POWERPATH”,

which should endow substantial contributes in the international spreading of technical solutions for a digital energy future. Because of his fascinating considerations about abundant energy future Prof. Hovestadt is to name in one breath with Al Gore or Thomas
Friedman. gannaca is proud to be involved in this topic with such a great importance for the development of society.



Stuttgart, 26th February 2009 – “Last exit before deaht: art? Thoughts about the change in brand communication”
The market is sated. Products are exchangeable. The differentiating factor is design. Therefore design gets a new relevance in brand communication.

On march 13th gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka talks at the designfair Blickfang in Stuttgart about his considerations of design´s, art´s and advertising´s potency and impotence. During his lecture he will present the ards-projects Skiny Revolution and Diesel Door, the jewel of the latest Diesel campaign.


shoppingworlds of

Zurich, 27th February 2009 – The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute accomplishes a trend workshop following the topic “Shoppingworlds Of Tomorrow” under the guidance of Bruno Beusch. It investigates which means and concepts can be used to confront the growing affinity and decreasing profitability of shopping centres. Next to the managing partner of the Hamburger Trendbureau Birgit Gebhardt, Dipl. Designer Yang Liu and Mikael Krogerus, gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka is invited.

As a boardmember of the GDI Impuls and professional thought leader he brings in his global observations and practical experiences. The results of the workshop will be published in the second half of the year by the GDI Institute. This much is said before: the shoppingworld of tomorrow has more programmatically content than architectural covering. The first “Concept Mall” in tradition of the concept stores can be assumed to come up soon. Interested in background information?



London, 3rd March 2009 – gannaca is on field research again. This time the destination is Europe´s vanguard mecca. Trendscout Anna Heckers visits the Nike iD Store in London. Access is limited and only possible after month of latency. For gannaca Nike opens the doors and affords insights into a unique shop concept, where the customer can design his own personalised shoe.



Cologne, 11th march 2009 – For 110 years Ed. Züblin AG has been realising construction projects at home and abroad. To cultivate their image a company brochure is published. gannaca supports Züblin with the editorial and creative part of the brochure. gannaca’s work has been published recently and is now available for all customers and those wanting to become one.


g //

Cape Town, 18th March 2009 – gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka is on field research again. His destination: Cape Town, the third largest city of South Africa. During his stay Peterka meets selected representatives of culture and economics to talk with them about their opinion of the chances of the change which is taking place. Furthermore he is recruiting high-ranking members for the gannaca orbit. The results of his investigation will be published in a paper. Interested persons who wants to know before what the opinions leaders of the “Mother City” have to say, please feel free to contact Mark Schäfer.



Cologne, 26th March 2009 – The conventional tools of brand communication have reached their climax and don´t reach the consumer´s attention anymore. The technological progress i.e. pop up blockers makes it possible to simply switch off disturbing advertising. Gannaca´s annoyed by poorly online ads, too. So gannaca’s favourite tool today is readability. Once installed it displays every text clearly and stops every disturbing ad. There has to be change in brand communications if it wants to be successful again. And gannaca knows how to do it: relevance instead of coverage – that’s the communication agency´s credo. Interested?



Cologne, 2nd April 2009 – “New Advertising” is the topic of gannaca’s roundtable talk which takes place on the 26th March at the agency’s headoffice in Cologne. gannaca’s managing partner Alexander Rosenthal moderates the talk which is participated among others by Gordon Nowak, Senior Marketing Manager Onitsuka Tiger Asics and Georgina Fabian, Shop Managerin FREITAG lab ag. The kick-off event picks brand communication in the public space out as a central theme. Because well known activities like city lights, blow ups or billboards are at a loss. Some cities even prohibit billboards in general.

gannaca shows how brands can communicate successfully with a good story, an exceptional design and an resulting quality. With means, developed in the gannaca-orbit, used during the Diesel autumn campaign in 2008 a stage was build for the brand on the streets: the Diesel Gate, Diesel Door and Diesel Wildscreenings lead to a fansociety with a high acceptance and word of mouth wave in social networks online.



Cologne, 6th April 2009 – There is a rapid change in the consumer’s attitude towards automobiles. This radical change goes far beyond the actual economic crisis. After more than one hundred years during which an automobile was the status symbol, now more sustainable values are coming up. A new age of mobility is to begin. The authors of the current issue of the GDI Impuls are showing alternatives for tomorrow’s mobility. For consumers, for public transport and for the automobile industries. gannaca recommends reading.

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Vancouver, 15th April 2009 – The recapture of the public space goes on. Slowly but surely and with Justicia’s blessing. First Paulistian people were disenthralled from importunate advertising by law in 2007, now the Supreme Court of British Columbia has granted the Adbusters Magazine an appeal in its landmark case against the CBC and Canvest Global. Both broadcasting services have to purchase airtime where the Adbuster Media Foundation can screen what ever it wants – also its anti-consumerist television ads. Another evidence that time is limited for brand communication without relevance. Time is coming for communication with a content that appreciates the attention of the recipients. gannaca thinks the change is a great chance. Creating relevant messages is the agency’s speciality.


yield is

Cologene, 22. April – The sermon worked out. After years on concentration on the formula “accretion = data based accumulation” stability for the class of population is only recognizeable through increasing. Is this missing, incertitude going along with the feeling of failure is coming up; although prosperity has measurable increased. So far so known in the intellectual

leading field. But suddenly, caused by the mediated view of even not academically comprehensible models of accumulation slowly the conviction emerges across all educated stratum that growth is not only measurable through data and obviously not through economic yield. Accretion is now realised as the ambition after a rising life-quality, which can occur in the well-known form of keeping
the balance. Intellectual elites propagate therefore more and more accretion in form of sustainability. But how can this stage of social development really become aim of the majority and so the decision for a new set up of central orientation-values? gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka had talks with experts of the economic and cultural field to face the chances of the change for brand communications. Interested in new ways of thinking?



Cologne, 28th April – Taking a closer look into publications of lawyers, the brochures of their chambers or their websites shows: most of them are similar and mainly informative. An own profile or a exciting story is missing. Increased through the economic situation, where everyone offers everything, we got a big amount of undefined brands – chambers are hard to distinguish.

Alexander Rosenthal, managing partner of gannaca is giving a plea at the PMN Marketing Meeting, at the 16th July in the office of Oppenhoff & Partner for more creativity in design and is showing examples for the law market.



Cologne, 4th May 2009 – Following up last year’s successful collaboration, Rolf-Hendrik Arens, Director Marketing & E-Business at Epsons German headoffice mandates the communication agency with creative presentation design. That’s what they really love at planet gannaca.



Cologne, 6th May 2009 – The speed of development and implementation of technical instruments and systems of the past years does not any longer go along with the tempo of cogitation and decision making for the conceptual use of the technologies. Instead worldwide societies drag behind the State of the Art for about 30 years – even such highly developed societies like the Suisse. An aesthesia for the necessity of a consciously handling of technologies emerges. Many people for example want brand communication but it has to be endowed with real relevance and its reception has to be voluntarily. Mobile Marketing for the sake of the mobile character is obviously not enough.

In 2007 for the first time a banker pointed out that they lost control over the systems that they had created personally to me. Its complexity is not manageable anymore that’s why there are only bets in essential parts of this business instead of real results. No we’ve seen what that can do. But how can progressive societies usurp their machines and use them in all points for sustainable goals, if the educational system itself still operates with a curriculum which main components were written with the typewriter.



Zurich, 8th May 2009 – HOCHTIEF Development Switzerland AG, a subsidiary of HOCHTIEF Projekentwicklung mandates the communication agency gannaca with the development and execution of a series of round table discussions to support the company´s reputation in the Swiss market.

Dr. Ralf Bellm, president of the board of management and Stephan Gahm, branch manager like the concept for the series called “htd-circle”. With the concept of htd-circle gannaca breaks new ground for HOCHTIEF. The agency doesn’t stage the circle at the ordinary place like hotels or event venues but rather at exciting places, which have a story to tell.


gannaca at

Basel, 12th May – gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka is invited by the Swiss Think Tank W.I.R.E. to a presentation titled “Mind the Future” in Basel on the 13th May. It is about how art can create new access to genes. The discussion with scientist, artists and economic experts deals with the question if marketing needs more art or art needs more market.

W.I.R.E. is an initiative of the bank Sarasin & Cie AG and the Collegium Helveticum of the ETH and the university Zurich. The Think Tank is engaged in relevant and long lasting trend in economy, society and life sciences. Therefore it builds the base for the discussion of the challenges of a world of tomorrow and the development of sustainable solutions.



Cologne, 18th May 2009 – Good things come to those who wait. Affectionate gannaca realises aunts&uncles website’s relaunch. As the first step a strategically communication concept was developed in cooperation with the programmers 9elements. Finally the screens were designed in close collaboration with the responsible aunts&uncles designer Angelika Scheurer. Special attention was paid to details. “The relaunch offers much more possibility

for discovering our brand to our users. Important for us is an authentic online branding which is functional at the same time – like our products. Thanks to gannaca we´ve reached this aim.” A special content management solution offers the possibility to edit text and images to the client. Together with the whole family gannaca is happy about the new fresh look and one more honest website.



Cologne, 26th May 2009 – People love to be addicted to the propensity to buy, to get high on beauty. And question it at the same degree- especially in times of crisis where new priorities are set. Crisis changes the buying behaviour- or maybe not? The KAP magazine, recently nominated for the Designprice Germany 2010, dedicates the current issue to the topic “shopping”.

gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka describes in his article “Goodybye Reality” why nothing is how it seems and why brand communications has to be actively staged theatrically in times of a scenographic economy to be furthermore successful. gannaca recommends reading.

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living in the

Cologne, 3rd June 2009 – For the first time in history of mankind hundreds of millions of people from all over the world are willing and able to interchange nearly in real time. Through this networking of communication not only effects of all kinds of systems and their failures become stronger and thereby political or economical systems more vulnerable, but also are interests all over the globe distinguish-, compare- and combinable. Hereby the attendance for new theories rises because: in and via the net an alliance comes up to life much more easier than in former times in local reference groups. Initiatives, experiments and protests are organised and communicated in Facebook for example.

How can such a net-based thinking help to solve big questions and how does it change the modality of debating processes between groups of most different shades?
Examination of elemental aspects of modern life is fruitful against this background. Together with international visiting authors gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka constitutes his observations in his bookproject “SHIFT”. The visiting authors provide also such results of examination. Fragmentary, subjectic but connected in the zeitgeist. The synopsis possibly gives the idea of a new world order- at least makes it noticeable.



Cologne, 10th June 2009 – BOOKLET magazine, edited by GoSee PR Office for Photo & Film, publishes in its Sao Paulo special an article written by gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka. Peterka writes about his talk with Ivo Mesquita, curator of the 28th Bienal de Sao Paulo and his opinion about the function of art. Reading is recommended.


g //

Reykjavik, 18th June 2009 – The systems we know are at a loss. The worldwide financial crisis is the most prominent indicator for this. We have to understand that the central feature of the information age is that everything is in constant flux. The world is changing and we have to think about reinventing our systems to solve not only the actual crisis but get ready for the new competition of regions worldwide in the 21st century. We need people who understand how our world functions today. The Iceland Design Center invites in cooperation with Reykjavik Art Museum gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka as a speaker.

In his lecture titled “An end is a start – thoughts about pioneering the fall” Peterka offers his thoughts about some approaches that could possibly help Iceland to get through the crisis. One of his ideas considers Iceland becoming the first national think tank deploying the SACF-model (Strategic Alliance of Creative Forces). Under the motto “learning from David instead of Goliath” Peterka reflects on Icelandic strengths and chances these days and intends to increase the international exchange of knowledge and ideas. A temporary art installation at the end of the lecture symbolises the re-start for Iceland.



Cologne, 23rd June 2009 – Twitter, Facebook and co. – nearly daily we learn about new social media networks which become more and more important for brand communications. And more and more obviously media that we are used to like newspapers have to struggle. On the 7th July gannacanema takes a closer look at the chances and risks for brands in establishing a dialog with their stakeholders via these new channels. Alexander Rosenthal, gannaca’s managing partner and Sebastian Deutsch, manager of 9elements programmers are going to give a overview of do’s & don’ts in the use with social media. After the lectures the speakers are happy to answer questions.


learning from

Cologne, 1st July 2009 – Managers and investment bankers could learn a lot from the medieval ages. In times unregulated by law commerce- the most important branch of the 14th century- build its own leitmotif: the respectable merchant. Even without governmental control the collective negotiated agreement on respectability allows good business and sustainable growth. In the last decades of globalisation and deregulation such a leitmotif was missing- with the apparent consequences. But not only in medieval ages has commerce functioned exemplary.

The current issue of GDI Impuls examines how economy can benefit from the factors of success of this oldest and customer-orientated branch. gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka describes in his article “Das Marken-Theater” which analogies exist between classical theatre and modern brand management in times of scenographic economy and how can brands make use of this. gannaca recommends reading.

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Reykjavik, 9th July 2009 – On invitation of the Trade Council gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka presents in the Workshop titled “Linking Powers” the strategically communications model SACF which he developed. Following the possibilities of strategically alliance are discussed by e.g. Kamilla Ingibergsdóttir, Iceland Music, Guðný Helgadóttir, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Auður Edda Jokulsdottir, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A structural social change – from an information society to a creative society with economical benefit – and repositioning Iceland as brand can help to lead Iceland out of the crisis.



Frankfurt, 15th July 2009 – Already Shakespeare knew: “all the world is a stage” and more and more marketing experts become aware of this sentence. It doesn’t come as a surprise that not only freaky trend brands but also international blueships are using art in their brand communication. Even traditional conservative advertiser like banks know that a change is happening. So the biggest German bank mandates gannaca for the second time with the production of a shareholder-interaction module during the annual shareholders’ meeting. gannaca builds an exquisitely crafted miniature edition of the Berlin Philharmonic with devices of temporary brand architecture as room in room installation in the Frankfurter Festhalle. With a ticket the shareholders have admission to the mini-philharmonic. Inside they can visually and acoustically enjoy the atmosphere of the real Berlin Philharmonic.

On a central placed screen the Digital Concert Hall Film runs in an infinite loop. At the same time the whole room is sounded with Dolby Surround Sound. At both installations the acceptor becomes an active part of the brand communication. Therefore he is able to realise the appreciation which is offered to him and will remember this highly emotional event for a long time.



Cologne, 20th July 2009 – gannacanema Social Media PR highlights opportunities and risks for brands within the new communication channels on the 7th July . Alexander Rosenthal, gannaca’s managing partner, shows by means of examples in the US election campaign, at catastrophes like the terrorist attack in Mumbai and the Twitter-Contest won by Ashton Cutcher against CNN, which power social media networks can develop. On the other side it seems like companies are still afraid of taking advantage in the new tools. Barely 5% of the DAX companies use twitter. Therefore it is necessary to invest in cultural changes – like the social media networks – especially in times of economic crisis.

Following Sebastian Deutsch, managing partner of the programmers 9elements, strengthens the technical and practical opportunities of social media which means that everyone can communicate with anyone in the world. For the use of microblogs like Twitter for example he recommends continuity, authenticity and relevant content. Finally he explains different tools and there function for social media. Interested? Please contact Anu Beck.



Düsseldorf, 29th July 2009 – To popularise leased premises in the new prestige building Germany’s leading inner-city developer for office buildings, hotels and special-purpose properties mandates gannaca with the conception and execution of a creative promotion activity on the occasion of the CPD fair. The cologne agency develops the concept of the “rolling rooms”. Two stretch limousines with a striking but sophisticated branding are driving to the central meeting points of the fashion community, like the fair entrance. Appealing promoters dispense to funky music information-postcards out of the open windows. At night the vehicles are parked at further hotspots to get as many people to know about the new building.


welcome to

Cologne, 6th August 2009 – gannaca goes on expanding in the head office Cologne. The team is glad to welcome Anna Hecker. The graduated designer studied at the Cologne International School of Design and worked already for icon communications-design and for the Museum of applied art Cologne. She supports gannaca in the designdepartment as Junior Art Director and was alreay project manager of the Design vs. Science expert talk.


art and

Zurich, 13th August 2009 – Time is changing. Some thought leaders suspected this since years about the exchangeability of services and products and postulate a re-thinking of the concept “advertising”. The Swiss fair-, event and marketing-magazine EXPODATA, at the same time official organ of the international fair associations FAMAB, VMS, EXPO and Event SWISS ASSOCIATION,

publishes an article written by Mark Schäfer for gannaca about this re-thinking. Art and culture accompany modern brand communication. But it is important, to differentiate every brand by its own. By doing this art and culture can bring new relevance into brand communications- which has become condition sine qua non for the still so called consumer. gannaca recommends reading.



Cologne, 20th August 2009 – The world is getting closer through the internet. Countrys and cultures that used to be far away are now close as a mouse click. gannaca is glad about these new opportunities and knows about the meaning. Therefor the communications agency publishes its information feature on the internet in Russisan. The descendants of the czars find the customary performance profile and a history of the agency’s experience in Cyrillic.



Zurich, 24th August 2009 – The Swiss subsidiary of Germany’s leading inner-city developer for office buildings, hotels and special-purpose properties mandates gannaca with the conception and execution of a high-class event series. Fascination people are invited to extraordinary places like the control room of the water works Letten in Zurich. Roland Stulz, managing partner of novatlantis, gives a trigger-lecture on the topic “Energy – opportunities and risks: a change is happening”. With this zeitgeisty topic a lively discussion is set up. The round of talks inspires and carries the intercommunion. Networking is in the foreground. The participants of the event are handpicked and come from the fields of investor, entrepreneurs, politics and media.



Zurich, 31th August 2009 – Especially in times of crisis innovations are in demand and courageous decision are more important than ever before: Now the revenues of the market share of tomorrow are prepared so that there will be an advance in the next boom. At the Innovation Day, taking place at Thursday, 1st October 2009, new concepts are presented to prepare business also in hard times for the future. The conference in Berlin is platform for decision-makers from the fields of commerce , consumer goods industry, service provider and consulting-companies as well from the field of research. The prospects for a new accretion are shown and innovative concepts of commerce are presented.

GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute has allied with the economy magazine “Der Handel” to present consumption researchers and examples from the daily life. Be inspired by high-class speakers and discuss with thought leaders in commerce and the consumer goods industry. gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka attends under the direction of Corinna Lampadius, next to Birgit Gebhardt, managing partner Trendbüro Hamburg and Nik Schweiger, interior design and co-founder of 3deluxe, a creative panel where the question “What is he role of the creative class of today and tomorrow” will be discussed. Everyone who wants to join can register here.



Berlin, 10th September 2009 – Nowhere else in the world did the global economic crisis hit so early and so hard as in Iceland in October 2008. Within but a few days the largest banks were nationalized and the United Kingdom went as far as to declare the island a terrorist state. The economy, and with it the country’s collective consciousness, fell to pieces. Rien ne va plus. gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka hit the road to Reykjavik to get thought-provoking impulses for a new start.

The Style and the Family Tunes magazine publishes an article about his experiences and interviews Peterka did during his journey. So it seems that the Icelander are close to a solution with which the can create new, compatible cooperation based on new ground. Change has become their new constant. gannaca recommends reading.

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Cologne, 17th September 2009 – Ute Wilmer has landed on planet gannaca straight from Berlin. She studied Business Communication Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and supports the creative communications agency at the head office Cologne as office manager since mid-September. Wilmer did a voluntary service at an event agency and worked inter alia as a booking assistance and tourney manager for a concert agency as well as a free-lance project assistance. Now she uses her experience to coordinate the workflows at gannaca.


time for

Zurich, 22nd September 2009 – The heros of tomorrow will be social innovators, that are the futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler saying. The ongoing crisis requires much more social innovations than technical to be solved. The current issue of the GDI Impuls deals with the opportunities that are provided in such situations of radical change. The authors take a closer look at Prussian that re-invent itself after the defeat of Napoleon 200 years ago and at the ETH Zurich, where a small chip is going to revolutionise our whole energy-system. gannaca is exalted and recommends reading.



Frankfurt, 1st October 2009 -The Professional Management Network award ceremony takes place for the first time in 2009. Management projects of high class corporate law firms in Germany are awarded. The project should be innovative, set a benchmark and should push the sale of the chamber. gannaca is proud to be design-partner and sponsor of the award. So the Cologne bases agency designs advertising material like the invitation, a banner as well as ads and is responsible for the documentation of the event in form of a brochure and a showreel. gannaca managing partner Alexander Rosenthal makes a speech in the honour of the winner of the category communication. What a great evening. We are looking forward to meet again in the next year.


welcome to

Cologner, 07th October 2009 – gannaca thrives and prospers. The creative communications agency welcomes Christina Fingerhut as a new member of the team in the head office Cologne. Fingerhut studied German and English language and literature and culture, communication and management at the Westphalian Wilhelms-University Münster. She uses her intercultural skills which she achieved inter alia during her stays in London, Latvia and Norway at gannaca in the PR-Department, where she supports managing partner Alexander Rosenthal.



Leipzig, 14th October 2009 – The Designers’ Open takes place in Leipzig from 23rd to 25th October. At the annual Design Festival, more than 150 national as well as international exhibitors present their current projects of Interior-, Fashion, Industrial- and Communication Design. By request and invitation of the initiators gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka holds a lecture titled “Last exit before death: Art? Honest thoughts about the change of brand communication”. Peterka reflects on the new relevance of design and explains his thoughts about ability and inability of design, art and advertisement.


Life Science

Heidelberg, 21th October 2009 – gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka attends as trend- and communicationsexpert at the opening ceremony of the Life Science Dialogue in Heidelberg. The Life Science Dialogue Heidelberg is a cooperation of the Dr. Rainer Wild-Foundation and W.I.R.E., think tank of Bank Sarasin and Collegium Helveticum of the ETH and University Zürich. This new transdisciplinary discussion-platform

focuses on global development and future-orientated challenges in Life Sciences as well as within the interfaces to trends in economy, society, politics, ecology and art. Objective of the event is the development of new cognition, to question existing assumptions about the future and to build transparency through the intercommunion of international and national experts from the field of science and praxis in different fields of research.



Berlin, 26th October 2009 – Speed-Dating the future. That’s the motto of the Warp Conference executed by W.I.R.E and the IIIF at the Swiss Embassy in Berlin on the 29th october. The conference breaks with hierarchy and disciplinary and tries a new way of interdisciplinary and inspirational communication: 7 topics – 7 tables – 7 minutes. gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka and 49 other experts from complementary fields of research will speed date to find new answers and thesis about the true value of a sustainable sustainability.



Cologne, 04th November 2009 – The progress of the art enables millions of people to communicate in real time for the first time in history. Mobile devices are a must – in private as well as in business life. We are always online and available. At the same time more and more people are presenting their own person, there business or brand in the virtual space. Social Networks like Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn and MySpace are as well implicitness as the publication of “life-ticker” via Twitter for the personal fan community and the whole world. Communication is detached from space and time and bi-directional nowadays. All this changes the modality and what about people speak. Successful corporate communication means to know the new opportunities and to use them reasonable.

The change of mass communication in the triangle between the development of the internet to the new key medium, the personal master device mobile phone and the growing consumer to consumer communication (C2C) is so relevant, that modern corporate communication has to deal with it. Doing so means reaching new ground with a controlled loss of control. Not doing means loosing the power to shape identity. gannaca explains and evaluates the new communication devices in the latest addendum of the communication management by the Luchterhand publishing company. Reading is recommended.



Cologne, 12th November 2009 – gannaca consults and accompanies the launching of the startup fashionlabel 21AM. A men’s collection that combines sports- and casualwear will be available at fall / winter 2010. So the clothing fit for causal as well as for business occasions and having at the same time a high degree of functionality. The international positioning is very important to the founders of 21AM. gannaca develops, designs and produces a brand presentation that shows the assets of the brand through a special world of images. Further gannaca creates a brand bible which mirrors the facts of the brand.



Cologne, 17th November 2009 – gannaca likes to party and gannaca likes DIESEL. So it’s no wonder that the Cologne based communications agency goes out with the Italian fashion label. In several German metropolises gannaca projects wild screenings and brings the brand where it belongs: right into the target group. At selected hotspots high quality DIESEL virals are projected on to public spaces. To increase the recognition value the projections follow the party people from location to location all through the night. This nightly action means remembering the original DIESEL brand values like fun, coolness and individuality.



Cologne, 25th November 2009 – The one who reads the marketing magazin W&V is well informed about the main campaigns and the strategy of the brand companies as well as about the media. The new lifestyle magazine W&V Society takes a look backstage and shows all the fascinating people who are working in the communications industry. The first issue of W&V Society publishes an article written by gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka. Peterka describes how it feels in an eleven-million-people city that has banned advertising within the public space with the held of the Clean City Law. Reading is recommended.

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Cologne, 1st. December – gannaca celebrates its birthday. Namely the seventh. Barely with party hat and streamer, but with innovative communication approaches, zeitgeisty topics and trends. gannaca is independent and lead by the managing partners Christopher Patrick Peterka and Alexander Rosenthal. Already about 20 members of staff rise the relevance of brand communications at three offices. Clients like Deutsche Bank, DIESEL, ETH Zurich, Epson, IWC, Nike and Vertu have already profited. You also want to use creative impulses? We are looking forward to you.



Zurich, 10th December 2009 – The year draws to a close and the researcher of the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute have constituted a new trend. From “unfriend” to “uncomsumption”, from “unstore” to “unbranding” – more and more often new trends get the prefix “un”. Whereas in former times new trends were called much more optimistically post (materialism, modern) or 2.0 (internet, business, web) or new (age, economy), the un-boom in fact marks insecurity and a sceptical future expectation. The current issue of GDI Impuls deals with couple of these un-examples. Thereby it takes a closer look on a un-founding initiative: the foundation of a corporate without founding a corporate as well as the un-novation-experiment Palomar5: 28 young adults get together for six weeks in Berlin to develop projects and products for the working environment of tomorrow. Reading is recommended.


MEX vs.

Berlin, 17th December 2009 – What was hurriedly carved in stone 5.000 years ago now continually floods Times Square and Picacadilly Circus in neon lights as bright as day. Without its significance as a tourist attraction, outdoor advertising could not be integrated into public space permanently, a fact copywriter icon Howard Luck Gossage already recognized in the 1960s. The pain threshold seems to have been reached in Latin America; the rampant overload of calls for consumption in the urban landscape is forcing the two great metropolises in Mexico and Brazil to “reset” themselves, albeit in different directions.

While Sao Paulo is now the world’s first major city without billboards and posters, the omnipresent advertising slogans in Mexico City are being subverted by art. gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka reports in the current issue of the Style and the family tunes magazine on the acoustic of a gray city and the pop musician and designer Norman Palm spoke with Naomi Palovits from the project “Make Art Public” about billboards as spaces for art. gannaca recommends reading.


the first

Düsseldorf, 21st December 2009 – We choose our clothes and accessories because they look good on us. Up to now this does not apply to the field of consumer electronics: lots of technical devices like bluetooth headsets are more in the “robot style” then stylish. But now there is an end with it. The headset TheFirstOne by novero combines high end technology with fashion. The worldwide operating company mandates gannaca to accompany the launch with brand- and product PR in Great Britain and Germany. The corporate for consulting and creation of creative brand communications therefore arranges among other things press breakfasts and dinners with opinion leaders in Berlin, London and Hamburg as well as a guided tour through the editorial departments of the leading technology and lifestyle media. You want to learn more about the future of consumer electronics?



Cologne, 23rd December 2009 – The presents are wrapped, the Christmas tree twinkles bright and slowly stress is abating. Now it’s time for reflection and for rest and recuperation. gannaca wishes a marvellous Christmas among your beloved and a happy new year. We are looking forward to it.


hope &

Zurich, 28th December 2009 – The future cannot be predicted. It is not amenable to scientific methods. Nevertheless, mankind has always tried to forecast what will happen in the future. And the need for information about tomorrow’s world grows particularly in times of great change, such as globalisation and the continuous increase in the rate of technical progress. “Mind the Future” published by W.I.R.E. (Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise) based on an interdisciplinary approach to research and is aimed at readers interested in the formative developments

of the present day and their potential impact on the future. It spotlights familiar concepts, the ideas of lateral thinkers, thought-provoking plans, decision-making aids and inspiring notions. The current issue of “Abstracts” is dealing with the topic “hope”. gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka writes in the expert contribution “Hope and the white shark” about the charm of not-knowing and why tempting people in our networked society requires hope. Reading is recommended.

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