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Cologne, February 2008. Stefan Kaiser, senior editor of GDI IMPULS” und and Christopher P. Peterka, founder and Managing Partner of the communication agency gannaca are jointly publishing a leader entitled “The erosion of trust” in the spring publication of the leading Swiss think tank. Kaiser and Peterka ascertain a paradigm shift: from the trust to the no-trust society.

Among consumers, the lack of trust is almost explosive. This “no trust” for example in politics, the internet, food design and the automotive industry is generated by false promises and Trojan horses. According to the motto “real horses jump higher”, Peterka and Kaiser focus on a new honesty, and
have a lot more to say about the corresponding communication and business models of the near future. Interested?

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Cologne, 31 March 2008 – The newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger takes up the thesis of the Trojan economy by Stefan Kaiser, senior editor of GDI IMPULS and Christopher P. Peterka, founder and CEO of gannaca. In the spring issue of the Swiss scientific journal, the two authors had ascertained a paradigm shift in Western society that describes a no-trust society with a very serious, growing need for new offers of trust.

At the invitation of the senior editors of the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, this is being followed by an op-ed from Christopher P. Peterka entitled “APPEARANCES DICTATE AWARENESS – heading for the Trojan society”.



Cologne, April 2008 – As part of the on-going expansion of the international infrastructure of their agency, Christopher P. Peterka and Alexander Rosenthal are currently in the Chinese metropolis Shanghai. Parallel talks with representatives of German-speaking companies, creative service providers, scientists and artists here on the spot also result in the first so-called PIONEERS REPORT.
The report summarizes trends and analyses of current

communications developments in international mega regions. It provides a basis for decisions in brand communication, taking account of intercultural differences. Brands acting on the global stage need to be able to attentively pick up the subtle sensitivities of their clients in the corresponding markets, in order to create the corresponding relevance in their communication. Information about backgrounds and the rest of the tour schedule is available from Miriam Schröder.



Hamburg, 8 May 2008 – In his function as Board Member of GDI IMPULS; Christopher P. Peterka attends the 13th German Trend Day, which this year is looking at the issue of identity management: acknowledgement instead of attention.
He finds that the presentations by Dick Hardt and Richard Florida make most valuable contributions to the event.

Dick Hardt, founder and CEO of Sxip Identity is one of the most prominent representatives of user-centred identity management. His presentation focuses on Identity 2.0, a novel technical solution for identity management on the internet. But it is Hardt’s presentation technique that impresses Peterka most of all: it feels like 500 slides in 45 minutes. Without one single minute of boredom…
On the other hand, Richard Florida, American economist and university lecturer, reports about his new book Who’s your City? which features his idea of global competition in the “mega regions”, describing their increasing relevance for the economy.
gannaca follows these thoughts and sees the mega regions with what in some cases are strong cultural variations as the relevant chess boards par excellence for brand communication of international brands.
Do you want to pursue these thoughts for your own particular case?



Cologne, May 2008. gannaca presents an instrument for analysis of virally distributed opinions all around the globe: the GANNACA ORBIT. gannaca orbit currently consists of a network of thirteen so-called mavens in urban centres from Brussels via Milan to Vancouver. Mavens are experts who advise others and influence their decisions.

As trend scouts, seismographs for profound social currents and sounding boards for brand messages, they provide gannaca with inspiration and feedback in the quarterly Creative Conference. gannaca uses this raw material to enhance the quality of its own consulting and researches the effect of new communication contents. White roses as image motif for the Asia campaign: a good idea? Tokyo doesn’t agree at all.



Düsseldorf, 10 June 2008 – Successful cooperation with HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung continues. After developing the brand “4elements” for Düsseldorf’s new showcase office property, gannaca is now also responsible for the concept and implementation of the ceremony for laying the foundation stone. In line with the occasion, client and future tenants, this was never going to be a commonplace ceremony. According to Tanja Abel, gannaca’s project leader, “with such a modern building, the brand communication has to correspond to the style of architecture”.

Consequently, more than 100 invited guests enjoyed splendid weather in an unusually noble setting on the building site; they were met with the extraordinary request to note their highly personal requests on Japanese rice paper using antique typewriters. These request lists were then placed in recesses created by an artist in the lid of the foundation stone where they were sealed for posterity. Exotic beverages and finger food rounded off the afternoon as the start of the hot construction phase.



Cologne, 30 July 2008 – gannaca publishes a new information feature on the internet. “gannaca expanded” is the name of the new website by the communications agency for brands. This innovative HTML/Flash hybrid was produced in proven close cooperation with the software hotbed 9elements, who shares responsibility among others for implementation of the aesthetically pioneering online fine art gallery

The barrier-free website kicks off in trilingual mode with German, English and Chinese. Versions in Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian will be added successively very soon. now provides visitors with not only the customary performance profile and a history of the agency’s experience, but also up-to-date observations for example on what is currently happening in the global mega regions, trends in brand communication and information about inspiring opportunities for expanding the horizons.



Cologne, 18 July – With immediate effect, the gannaca Videoshowreel for Nike Germany’s largest event 2008 is available online. The film lasting about three minutes takes viewers on an emotional sprint through the artistic presentation with which gannaca generated astounded enthusiasm among the national and international journalists and representatives of associations and companies who were present in the Gasometer Oberhausen.

To mark the launch of the Olympic collection for Germany’s DLV athletes, the communications agency that has specialized in ambitious brands premiered on 23 April 2008 in Europe’s highest event venue with a live performance entitled “Run to Beijing” consisting of film, dance and sound elements for journalists, dealers and multipliers.



Cologne, 16th September – Next to the international expansion with office openings in New York and Shanghai, gannaca has enlarged its headoffice in Cologne. The loft, which is located in the Creative Cluster Ehrenfeld grows about 30 percent and houses now eleven employees who are quite impressed by the new capaciousness.



Cologne, 10th October 2008 – The international fashion label Diesel mandates gannaca to stage several brand-communication-activities promoting the new autumn/winter campaign. The nationwide actions take place in different cities such as Berlin, Hamburg or Duesseldorf. They include guerrilla-videoprojections, stencil-applications, posterings as well as an unique ards-object. All action taken aims to improve Diesels´ image authentically. Check out what happens when strange doors to gloomy parallel-worlds suddenly open on the Schloßplatz in Stuttgart…



Düsseldorf, 29th October 2008 – The landmark “Four Elements” is growing up in the Kaiserswerther Straße in Düsseldorf, the capital city of North-Rhine-Westphalia. The bare brickwork is done. For this reason gannaca is staging the roofing-ceremony of the office-building in order of HOCHTIEF-Projektentwicklung on 29th October. Mayor Dirk Elbers and 200 guests experience an exceeding roofing-crown in the “Four Elements” colours white and silver. Four speakers decorate the crown with jewels made of the “Four Elements”: wood, stone, glass and metal.

Aerialist Julia Städler and her daring drapery-dance in 10 meters height give the event a special flair and enthuse the audience. The holistically development process of the brand “Four Elements” which was handed over to gannaca from the strategic concept-development over the creation of a premium brochure to the events on location is closed by the conception and organisation of the roofing-ceremony.



Cologne, 31. Oktober 2008 – The creative communications agency has translated and published its brand-new website with the title “gannaca expanded” into English, The information services aesthetics appears in an unconventional conception of landscape format and is technically state-of-art. The use of “web 2.0”-features like videostreaming and interaction-modules generates a rare Flash-HTML-Flash-hybrid. The bilingualism marks the commitment to a more international approach. The website will be enhanced by versions in Chinese, Arabic and Russian soon.


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Cologne, 3rd November 2008 – Anu-Cathrin Beck goes aboard at gannaca as Business Development Manager. The trained industrial clerk, who worked for Klaus Steilmann GmbH, recently achieved her Master for Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle at the Mod`Art International in Paris. Next to controlling the business activities and supporting Managing Partner Alexander Rosenthal, Anu Beck will work as a Communications Manager in Consulting and Project-Realisation, too.



Cologne, 5th November 2008 – Sao Paulo, the most important commercial- and cultural centre of Brazil, has, as first city worldwide, enacted an advertising-ban in 2007. Mayor Gilberto Kassab wanted to stop the overflow of billboards. In close connection the Biennale abstains from exhibiting art on the whole second floor of its pavilion. Therefore they offer an empty room which should invite to reflect. gannaca is curious which background these uncommon events have, especially because Brazil gets more and more influence on the trends of our time. Founder and Managing Partner Christopher P. Peterka is going to Sao Paulo on the 13th November and meets selected well-known personalities from politics, economy and culture to talk with them about the current events. gannaca wants to know how the creative class deals with occurrence and which consequences there are. For more information please feel free to contact.



Cologne, 26th November 2008 – digitalSTROM is an alliance of companies, organisations and research institutions under the patronage of the ETH Zurich which collaborate with the aim to link electrical appliance to better energy efficiency, user friendliness and safety.

The cost of productions should be as low as possible, so that nearly every household can afford them. Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt, president of digitalSTROM alliance charges gannaca with the strategical brand communication to improve the development of the organisation and the positioning of the brand.



Cologne, 28th November 2008 – gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka talks about details of the six colloquies during his expedition to Sao Paulo for the first time. During his three days long stay in the fourth largest city of the world, he had met among others the former city planner and architect Jorge Wilheim, Ivo Mesquita, director of the biennale, and the director of the contemporary art fair SP-ARTE Fernanda Feitosa to talk about trend development and change in communications.

Before published, Peterka says this much: in Sao Paulo a kind of significant structural change is in full execution, which will appear worldwide in mega regions, earlier than ever thought. A new formation of the public space with abandonment of classical advertising like billboards, citylight posters and media-facades with innovative, not yet well known instruments and content, count to this. Peterka doesn’t wonder that this happens in the BRIC Brazil. More he wonders about the quite ignorant European attitude to such
zeitgeisty phenomena, especially in the communication-branch. The often used term “The end of…” classical advertising and the paradigms “more is better” or “technology will fix it” are reality in Sao Paulo. Sustainability, workface diversity and innovative thinking are decent and nearly covered cornerstones of the protagonists´ actions in commerce, politics and culture. The effects and potential for European companies with brand communication tasks will be explained by Peterka next to publications in personal talks. For detailed information please contact our office in New York.



Cologne, 3rd December – Anne-Katrin Ahrens executes on behalf of gannaca the re-design of the façade of the office in Cologne. The stringent form and adjustment of the windows remind the international awarded designer of comics. Following this association she creates window-plots, which reflect the vivid and dynamic brand-identity of gannaca in an optimal way.



Cologne, 23rd December 2008 – The time has come. Strain and stress are abating. An unfamiliar but however well-known pleasant feeling is coming up. It`s Christmas time. gannaca wishes a marvellous Christmas among your beloved. Time, to calm down and to look back on the year. Time to gain energy for a new, fascinating year with lots of exciting adventures. We are looking forward to experiencing it together with you.


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Zurich, 29th December 2008 – The Swiss fair-, event and marketing-magazine Expodata, at the same time official organ of the international fair associations FAMAB, VMS, EXPO and Event SWISS ASSOCIATION, publishes an article written by gannaca founder and managing partner Christopher Patrick Peterka. The article reflects on the presentation of the Nike´s Olympic collection created and produced by gannaca. The text contains a detailed description of the event as well as a commentary of the scenographical background. Please take a look.

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