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Istanbul, 18. december – Turkish real estate developer HT Gayrimenkul Gelistirme Ltd. Sti. orders an app development to extend its planning and sales material. The “Smarter City” app is supposed to improve investor´s and tenant´s imagination of future developments in urban areas at a very early stage by smoothly integrating 3D models into 2D city maps.



Cologne, 27. november – publishing house “Mediengruppe DuMont Schauberg” asks gannaca to perform a technology workshop on “augmented reality” as the publisher´s head of innovation management Ismene Poulakos regards the technology as sufficiently disruptive worth to take a closer look. gannaca offers a selected range of workshops on future trends and technologies all carefully curated to cut out the geek language and deliver tangible insight to change makers.



Berlin, 8. october – Nike Germany once more challenges gannaca´s creative minds by purchasing ideas and conceptual power supporting Nike´s ambition to inspire German girls to download its Training Club´s (NTC) app. The NTC app presents Full-body workouts developed by Nike professional trainers that will take personal training to the next level.



Vienna, 27. august – HT Development Austria Gmbh buys gannaca´s conceptual, network and curational power to gather a strictly limited group of thought leaders at the Austrian capital thinking about future risks and chances during the coming winter. The gathering will be a prelude to a series of international fireside chats to be taking place at several Eastern European cities over the next two years.